Omaruru, Hoba Meteorite, & Tsumeb page.
We stopped and visited the
Hoba Meteorite.
Background photo is of a banana
bunch . Taken at the Makalani hotel in
We stopped in Omaruru at the bank. This was just supposed to be a routine stop to withdraw
money .  As I stood in front of the bank to stretch my legs , a fellow approached with some
aquamarine .  
Good Aquamarine. Before long , there were several fellows selling me
specimens of tourmaline and aquamarine which come from the nearby
.  I didnt take any pictures in Omaruru but I will be postiing specimen pictures much later.  
Omaruru was a friendly town with a good vibe.   We stopped at an upscale coffee shop and I
had a double breakfast and three cokes for ZAR$60 , which equates to 6 U.S. Dollars !  My
meal was interrupted by some miners who had followed us a few kilometers and earnestly
wanted to make a sale.  
We visited the town of Tsumeb and the famous
Tsumeb Mine.  While the mine has been closed for
some time , a wily collector can still obtain
specimens. Although I should note there were not
many miners selling specimens.
I really  liked Tsumeb ( despite there not
being many miners selling specimens).   
The town just had a great friendly vibe.  
Music could be heard in the streets that I
liked, It is not  music that I could
characterize as to type , but was very
cool .
We stayed at the Makalani hotel in Tsumeb . It was beautiful
and quite lavish .   
The service was  the absolute worse at meal time .  The food
was fair after the hour and a half wait and a good deal of
pleading for something to eat . Something to drink ?  The
waiter couldnt be bothered with bringing me anything .  I
recommend the Makalani and I am not trying to be harsh with
them .  This is Africa after all , and a long wait is to be
expected any time you order from the menu.
For internet I paid ZAR$100 for a 4 hour wireless voucher .  In
4 hours my video had not uploaded so I lost all of that time and
money.  Internet here would be good only for a check of email ,
and expect that to be time consuming.
Would you like to visit Namibia to collect
your own crystals on a real mineral safari   ?
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