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The next couple of pages detail one of my buying trips to Namibia for crystals
and facet rough.  Not only was I able to get some great "usually found" crystals, I
was able to get fantastic gemmy facet grade crystals of Jeremejevite!   I'll start
my trip report  in Johannesburg, South Africa and then proceed to Namibia. The
first page will have photos of various items of interest and the next page will
have crystal photographs.
The above photographs show some of the sights of Joburg, South Africa.  Shown is my breakfast (with a
whole guava fruit) and some pictures from the airport.  The eggs are ostrich eggs that have been painted.
The tag on the metal Himba is interesting to read & tells about how they cover themselves with a type of
earth called 'ocher'.  Also shown is one of the many odd light poles covered with flyers advertising abortion,
recovery of lost lovers, and other odd services. Lastly, a handful of South African Rand, the local currency,
oft abbreviated as 'ZAR'. Below shows a game skin purse and an 8-story tall samsung billboard on the side of
the O R TAMBO airport building.
I have commented before about all of the vehicles having different model names than the US equivalents.
Note the Ford Bantam truck!  Also, note how the traffic signal - called a "ROBOT" is on the left instead of
hung overhead.  This makes driving difficult if you are not used to it, especially since they drive on the left in
Now we see a new day dawning for me in Namibia. I arrive in Windhoek's Hosea Kutako International Airport  and after getting my rental vehicle I make a
mad dash for my first destination. There is just enough time to make it to the town of Usakos before dark.  It is very dangerous to drive in Namibia at dusk
or after dark because of the threat of hitting a large wild animal such as a kudu ( a huge antelope that grows to almost 700 pounds).   
Usakos is a town right at the edge of the Erongo mountains.  The Erongo mountain has plentiful aquamarine crystals with great natural color.  It also has
schorl tourmaline as well as  red almandine garnet and green demantoid garnet and quartz crystals that are sometimes sceptered. Less common is topaz
and fluorite.   There is a crystal market about 15 miles from Usakos that has mostly Erongo minerals but usually you also see Brandberg amethyst, Klein
Spitzkopje topaz, and other minerals.  You almost never see colored tourmaline.  On occasion you can buy Jeremejevite crystals.
There's more!  Check out the next page for the August 2012 African Mineral Safari where I visit and dig for
Brandberg Amethyst crystals in Namibia:
     Brandberg amethyst & other stuffs
Shown here are pictures of nice aquamarine crystals from the Erongo
Mountains. These have a variety of hue and shade!  They commonly have
schorl tourmaline crystals inside, outside and interpenetrating as well as
albite feldspar. Some of the mineral dealers are shown tending their tables
of crystals at the crystal market.
Above are more various gemstones and crystals. Brandberg is about a hundred miles away and yet sometimes you see
better prices on crystals here than right where they  come out of the ground. This particular day there was a lot of
brandberg amethyst and prehnite.  Also shown is fibrous crystalline malachite.  One thing that amazes me is how the
selection of available crystals vary day by day! Sometimes, even from morning to afternoon.   I generally try to check this
spot out as much as possible when I am in the area - sometimes twice in a day!
I had heard that there was a crystal shop in the national park at Klein Spitzkoppe as well as more roadside
stands so I decided to check it out.  You may notice that I vary the spelling of Klein Spitzkoppie.  There are
three generally accepted correct spellings: Klein Spitzkoppe, Klein Spitzkoppie and Klein Spitzkopje.  :-)   
The selection inside the store / AKA 'Craft Center' was very poor.  I did manage to buy a cool shirt but it
even though it was "XL" it didn't really fit me.  "XL" there is generally for the smaller sized population
compared to super-sized Americans.    I saw a very cool tree and a metal scorpion, and more roadside
stands.  I was able to purchase some of the topaz that spitzkopje is famous for and the selection here was
better than anywhere else.
Here is one of the mountains in the area of Klein Spitzkoppe & you can tell that
digging is going on by the white streaks running down the mountainside from where
they eject dirt and stone from digging holes.  Also shown is the start of a coke-can
This was an unusual trip in that I was able to get some really nice demantoid facet rough as well as gemmy facetable blue jeremejevite.  The rough shown has
already been sold for the most part.    Shown in the photo's below is green demantoid garnet and blue Jeremejevite.    Both are from the Karibib area.   Jeremejevite
is only found on one place on the planet and that is in Namibia.   One place is mile 7 near swakopmund and the other is Ameib farm near Karibib on the side of the
Erongo mountain.     
To buy the jeremejevite it took a whole bunch of money!  Enough to cover the top of a deep freezer!
This trip was taken in August, 2012,
which is late spring.
I have some gemmy Jeremejevite
crystals for sale, but none really big
enough to facet are left.   I have lots of
the tiny jeremejevite crystals for sale
for around $10 each for the opaque
blue ones.