Okoruso Flourite Mine
Outjiwarongo , Namibia
We stopped in Outjiwarongo and that town had a bad vibe . I wouldnt spend but a moment here ,
nothing longer than to fuel up .
We visited the Okoruso Fluorite mine .  The company has a specimen shed and sells minerals that
the  miners collect .  The proceeds from these mineral sales goes into the miners entertainment fund
and purchases sports equipment and uniforms , and also toys for the miners children.
Background photo is the bench cut
high wall at the okoruso fluorite mine in
Outjiwarongo, Namibia.       Specimen
pictures to be added later .   I do have
some good Okoruso fluorite crystal
specimens for sale !
We stayed at the Outjibamba lodge in
Outjiwarongo. The hotel was very nice .  Internet
was slow and you couldnt use your own laptop .  
They allowed you ten minutes on the hotel
computer to check email .  I was told they were
going to have a internet room with wireless soon.
Food service was typically slow as to be
expected.  I dined on Ostrich which was tough .
Would you like to visit Namibia
to collect your own crystals  ?
Another Mineral safari is in the
works !
okoruso fluorite crystal
the green color with the purple
phantoms .
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