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NAMIBIA Trip details : More details coming soon!
•        day 1- Usakos
Crystal market ( Crazy!)
•        day 2 - erongo mtns
More dealings with the local miners! Dig for garnets
•        day 3 & 4  -Uis, Brandberg Mining Camp
Visit brandberg to deal with the miners and dig for amethyst.
•        day 5 - Omaruru,
Visit some white dealers.
•        day  5- Another run at the crystal market
•        day 6 - Windhoek : Dining and rock shops
•        Day 7-head back home
Cost is approx. $4,000.00 and includes
all expenses other than your evening
meal : if you sign a non-disclosure /
non-compete agreement, $4,800.00 if
you dont want to sign the agreement.
will be held  Summer ,  2012 . See
lower portion of page for the itenarary .
Be sure to check out the NAMIBIA
pages above for photos of when I went
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you'll get to visit these
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locations as shown in the Namibia
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