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In February 2012 I returned to Namibia
to buy crystals. I brought Don
Brockway with me (any photos that he
took will be noted).
Due to the logistics of International travel, the first night is spent in Johannesburg,
South Africa.  Above is a funky oil and vinegar salad dressing dispenser and a plate of
fresh regional fruit.  The formal garden picture by Don Brockway shows the jungle like
flora at the nice place that we stayed over night before continuing on to Namibia.   
Below shows a gas pump in Namibia.  The gasoline is called "petrol" and sold in Liters
instead of Gallons.  Note the cost of $174 Namibian dollars!   Also shown is the popular
Toyota 'HILUX'  which is similar to the US model known as the 'TACOMA'.    Also shown
is a "Stepway'.  Both the Hilux and Stepway photos were taken in Joburg, South Africa
the day before we arrived in Namibia.  It's interesting that overseas all the cars have
different model names than the US counterparts.    They drive on the wrong side of the
road in Africa!   :-)   I'll start with wildlife and general scenery and then feature crystals.
This trip was my first time being in Namibia during the rainy season.  This means that I saw much more wild
life than in past trips.   Right after leaving the airport we saw baboons.
We saw an eagle, lots of ostrich, springbok, Gemsbok, Kudu, a jackal, lots of
hawks and then domesitcated animals in the road like the burrow and the huge
bull.  The wildlife pictures above were taken by Don Brockway.   I'm including a
couple of roadkill pictures and this is because the only time I have seen
snakes were dead ones on the road.  There's also a wild cat and I suspect that
I'd never  see or photograph one of those that was living.   The snake on the
left is a puff adder and the one on the right is a zebra snake. Lower Extreme
right shows a giant monitor lizard.
Below is one of the small crystal stands along the roadside near Klein Spitzkoppie and the new nicer market close to Usakos.   
On the next page I'll have lots of crystal pictures, but first I want to show some of the other scenery from Namibia.  In the center
is a wicked acacia with thorns. The photo on the right shows a "Kalahari Ferrari" which is constructed using an old car rear axle
and features one or two donkey power.
Below is an ant hill, some type of funky tree near Brandberg, a welwitschia  plamt at Brandberg that is probably two thousand
years old.  Lastly, a Baobob tree as you enter the town of Uis.
Some pictures of Rodney Moore.  On the left I am standing in front of a boulder of Erongo Granite.  The bumps are what the
miners look for because they often contain pockets or 'nests' of crystals.  The two photos to the right are of me digging at a
mine at Brandberg. The last photo shows the amethyst crystals that I was digging at Brandberg!
THERE'S MORE! The crystal photos for this trip
are on the next page:  
Feb 2012 crystal photos
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