We visited the Etosha wildlife reserve as part of
our mineral safari . This had all sorts of animals.   
One thing of interest was a colony of weaver birds
I was able to try some grilled Zebra meat during my time in Namibia
.  I have to say , they are DELICIOUS !  
While in the park we stayed at the okakuejo lodge ( or something like that , I will have to look it
up ) .   The rooms were awesome and the camp has its' own post office and gift shop.   It also
has a watering hole just outside the rooms  and the video at the top of this page shows just
how interesting it can be to sit and observe the animals. The camp has a buffet style meal with
several vegetables and then 3 or 4 different kinds of meats . Every night some sort of game
such as gemsbok,springbok or Kudu was served . I had 4 meals there and dinner and
breakfast was fantastic each time.   No internet !         
Would you like to visit Namibia
to collect your own crystals  ?