Photos of specimens I got in Namibia during my annual
Mineral Safaris.  You are on the "PHOTOS' page.  
Updated May 23, 2018
Enhydro amethyst with Prehnite
Goboboseb Mtns
Brandberg Region  , Namibia
Amethyst on Feldspar crystal matrix
Aquamarine & fluorite
(aqua has micro tourmaline needles)
Erongo Range
Beryl v aquamarine crystal with fluorite , from Erongo Range , Namibia
A very unusual combination of minerals from the Erongo Range , Namibia
aquamarine crystal has micro tourmaline needle inclusions !
prehnite crystals over an enhydro quartz crystal from Brandberg
Amethyst crystals on a feldspar crystal cluster matrix , Brandberg , Namibia
Aquamarine from the Erongo Range
Topaz  with tourmaline needle inclusions from
klein Spitzkoppie
Brandberg amethyst ( Shown Below)
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Shown below are many photos of
smoky quartz scepters from the
Erongo Mountains. The one shown
has hematite streamers that are
oriented to the crystal faces and the
crystal face edges. These are not
plentiful and sometimes they are
not available for purchase at all on
my trips there. Some years a few
can be had.
Be sure to click to enlarge to get a
close look at the hematite
streamers and inclusions.
okoruso flourite crystal photo by Rodney Moore
Shown at left is a Schorl tourmaline with a skeletal
termination from the Erongo Mountains of Namibia.
For lots of Erongo Tourmaline photos just click the
link below:
Shown below is a "Dice Fluorite
Crystal" cluster from Okorusu ,
Note the inclusions inside the fluorite
crystal along with the distinctive
phantoms on the corners which gives it
the features that the name comes from.