Hallelujah Junction page 1 -Digging & Visiting info page
Updated July 5, 2017
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It is important to note that all crystal bearing land in the
Hallelujah Junction area, both the California and Nevada
side, is under claim and collecting without permission is not
allowed and is in fact, stealing from the claim owner.
When I visitied several claims I had permission to do so and
in some cases I made a significant donation to work the site
under license.  The public should be aware that at any time
they are on the claims without permission and are stealing
minerals that this might result in an arrest as well as
prosecution for  FELONY THEFT.   While trespassing is
generally not a major thing with employers, being prosecuted
for  felony theft might impact your current or future
prospective employment.
The closest significant town and airport when
visiting the Hallelujah Junction / Petersen
Mountain area is Reno, Nevada.
Reno, Nevada offers lots of hotels to choose
from and also many good restaurants to eat at.
The crystal digs are about 30 minutes drive from downtown Reno, Nevada.The location for the crystals
has tradiionally been called "Hallelujah Junction, California" and this is based on the nearest small town on
the map .   The physical location of the dig site is on Petersen Mountain and the California / Nevada
border divides the mountain and there are claims on both the Cali and Nevada sides.  To get to the site
your route will most likely cross into California  and depending on which claim you are to visit, you will
either stay on the California side or you may cross back into Nevada to access the mountain top.

To access the Nevada side you will need a good high clearance 4x4.  Most normal high clearance regular
cars can make it to the California side.

This page will be updated in April, 2014 with more information (if not sooner).
Rock outcrop on petersen mountain called
On the US 395 highway just inside
California  leading to the Hallelujah
Junction site is  a popular Shoe Tree.   
People visit from far and near to hang
their old shoes on the tree.  While i was
there two girls stopped and hung some
Up on Petersen Mountain on the
Nevada side is a lot of rock outcrops
the look like various objects.  This rock
outcrop is called "The Family" because
it looks like a Man and a Woman
holding a baby, with two praying hands
next to them.
The landscape on Petersen Mountain
is a great place for photography!
Photo shoot on Petersen Mountain with natural rock outcrops as background.
The biggest draw for me and most
likely you as well will be the crystals
that you can dig here.  However, Reno
is a gambling mecca and offers lots of
night life for partying and gambling.
Slot machines are everywhere, and the
ones pictured here shows what you
see the minute you step off the plane
in Reno airport!

Your Host, Rodney Moore, who takes people out to dig for crystals.
The rental car places has a shuttle
that runs from the Reno Airport to the
individual lots. Advantage has a
number of SUV's and they even have a
limited number of nice 4X4 Jeeps.  
Shown here is the one I rented.  
Expensive but a fun and dependable
Nevada side is very, very steep and a number of vehicles have
The initial climb toward the top of Petersen mountain on the
rolled and flipped going up.  Mainly from stalling out and then
rolling backwards uncontrollably and then rolling over at a The
initial climb toward the top of Petersen mountain on the curve.   
This main steep climb is called " MF Hill".
It can be hot and windy and due to the
sun can be very strong.  Sunglasses
or at least eyeglasses for protection
from the wind is necessary. Also , sun
screen or long sleeved shirt is
necessary even in winter.