Hallelujah Junction Amethyst scepter Locality Info
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Updated July 5th, 2017
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The "Hallelujah Junction" locality is near Hallelujah Junction , California. The
location is on Petersen Mountain on the California and Nevada State Line
and there are 4 producing claims in the two states.  Ironically, given the
locality name, the majority of the specimens come from 2 claims on the
Nevada side. I estimate that 95% of the specimens come from the Nevada
side where they use heavy equipment to dig for them.    
I visited the location once and met up with a local digger (Kyle Prettyman) that
at the time lived in nearby Reno, Nevada. He collects at Hallelujah Junction a
good bit & he was puzzled as to why everyone called the place "Hallelujah
Junction" instead of the more precisely accurate "Petersen Mountain".
I can answer that from personal experience from when I was only 29years old
in 1994 and saw my first " Hallelujah Junction" specimen.  I was in Seattle,
Washington for a job and visited a local rock shop.  To this day I can still
remember picking up a huge skeletal smoky amethyst with a Hallelujah
Junction, California label on it.  There is no doubt that it came from HJ but
from the Nevada side.
It is customary to name mineral collecting localities by the legal mine name,
the owners farm or property name,
.   That's the case with Hallelujah Junction!  Specimens from the
locality have been known by the nearest town since crystals first started
appearing on the national specimen scene in the late 1980's.
Here's a photo of the "Town".  Sorry, not even a traffic signal.
One of my many projects is making locality information
pages for some of the places that I have dug at.
Hallelujah Junction is on the list and since I have some
crystal photos that I recently took I went ahead and made
this "starter" page.  It is a work in progress. There are
older pages that I made in the past when I went out to dig.
Currently the old pages are numbered 1 thru 3 but that
will change as I add new and current material.
Here is a Hallelujah Junction smoky quartz scepter with a hint of purple
color. All of the dozen or so similar crystal photos show the same scepter
at different angles. I think the crystal is nice enough to deserve the
These pages will have everything that you want to know about the  Hallelujah
Junction / Petersen Mountain crystal collecting locality-  That's a lot!  To keep
it interesting I will break the paragraphs up with pictures. Just scroll down and
check all the pages out because this will take a lot of web space to cover
collecting, the Geology of the deposit, Crystal types,locality history, faceting
and more..
Most people that come to Hallelujah Junction to dig for
crystals usually stay at the biggest little city in the world:
Reno, Nevada. It is about a 40 minute drive from
downtown Reno to the base of Petersen Mountain.