Hallelujah Junction page 2
Crystal specimen photo page
Updated July 5, 2017
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It is important to note that all crystal bearing land in the Hallelujah
Junction area, both the California and Nevada side, is under claim
and collecting without permission is not allowed and is in fact, stealing
from the claim owner.
When I visitied several claims I had permission to do so and in some
cases I made a significant donation to work the site under license.  I
will soon be working at and managing at least two claims in the area.
The public should be aware that at any time they are on the claims
without permission and are stealing minerals that this might result in
an arrest as well as prosecution for  FELONY THEFT.   While
trespassing is generally not a major thing with employers, being
prosecuted for  felony theft might impact your current or future
prospective employment.
I'll be adding a ton of new crystal
photos to this page.
This section has been dormant for a
long time and I am just now - July, '17
really starting to work on it.
Check back soon for the photos.   I've
already taken them and just need the
time to upload them.