When visiting our amethyst crystal mines you will want to bring the following items :

Backpack or Bucket to carry your finds back home.
Newspaper or toilet paper to wrap the crystals in .
Plenty to drink and some snacks or lunch.
A screen isn't absolutely necessary but the people that bring them do better than those that don't.
A screw driver to pry crystals out of the ground.
Something to scratch through the dirt, like a potato rake or a pick mattock or an estwing geo pick.
People often ask what these are, so here are some pictures of them:
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pick mattock best for digging georgia amethyst
estwing geo pick / paleo pick is a lightwieght hoe pick for  digging  crystals with
Potato rakes are great for going thru the tailings piles at our amethyst crystal mines.
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I recommend the big heavy plastic handled pick available at Home Depot for $27 if you are serious
about digging. Lighter, cheaper wooden handled ones are available but not a good buy for long
term use.

Potato rakes are also available at Home Depot and other hardware stores. Plastic handled tools are
always preferable over wooden handled tools so keep this in mind.

The estwing geo pick / paleo pick is available at Kingsley North as well as readily available on
This tool is great because of its very light weight which makes carrying and using it very easy. It has
a nice and very sharp pick end but the hoe end is not as wide as i would like.

In the past I have bent and broken these so it is not for heavy use, but keep in mind that I do
industrial mining and am very strong , so the average person will not have this problem.