We are most famous for opening
up the Jackson's Crossroads
amethyst site. Here is some
pictures of a crystal from that
Wilkes County , Georgia , location
Jackson's Crossroads amethyst with enhydro
close up of enhydro bubble
jxr georgia amethyst  wilkes county
These crystals are "enhydro" and have a two
phase inclusion .  One phase is liquid and the
other phase is gas ( vapour) .
enhydro amethyst from Branderg region  Namibia
The  amethyst crystal shown left
and right is from the Brandberg
region of Namibia ( Goboboseb
Mountains ). This crystal has an
excellent bubble.
amethyst crystal goboboseb mtns , brandberg , namibia
amethyst crystal brandberg namibia
This crystal , also from Brandberg
region , has smoky and amethyst color.
It has solid inclusions of Hematite.
These have the appearance of
liquid blood.
inclusions in amethyst from brandberg namibia
Amethyst scepter from Goboboseb
Mtns , Brandberg , Namibia .
We will be adding more pictures soon .We have lots of brandberg amethyst crystals
for sale!
This is a "skeletal" amethyst
crystal from brandberg , Namibia.
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