When emailing me please be SPECIFIC about what kind of info you want.   Sending a message that only says "send more info "
doesnt tell me if you have a question about a Georgia Location, an Alabama location or our Rock Shop.

Aside from our pay-to-dig fee mines & collecting areas,  we dont give out contact information or recommend places to go dig.  
We do of course , se
ll Guide Book "A" with that type of information.

The Georgia Amethyst and Alabama Agate sites are all we offer at this time &
can't answer questions about any other sites. We do sell guide books!

Would you rather waste time and email me a question & wait for a reply or would you rather go straight to the answer
and get immediate results?
We have answers such as Scheduled Dig Dates, Directions, Tools Needed, etc on the
individual location pages linked below.
Before emailing me please save us both some time and check out:

Information about  Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst :
Click HERE

Information about   Alabama Paint Rock Agate :   Click HERE

Information about digging dates  or to schedule a dig  : Click HERE

Information about visiting our Rock Shop : Click HERE
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Send us an email!
We buy mineral collections and estate collections. The bigger the
better.  The location may not matter so don't hesitate to contact me if
you are looking for someone that buys mineral collections.
I have links to my store and also ebay for anyone wanting to buy
specimens.  If you are looking to buy obsidian for arrowhead making
or rough for cabbing then it might be possible for you to visit me here
at my house.   My email address is in the image below.
Please note: I don't have a mailing list and I don't "email people
to let them know when the next dig is". There is a variety of good
solid reasons for that.

Rest assured: I have a financial incentive to let people know
when the next dig is so that means the very second that I set a
date it will be posted on the website.

If you don't see a date listed that quite simply means that I don't
know when the next one will be.