hiddenite crystal from Adam's Farm in Alexander County , North Carolina
close-up of the crystal to the left
These are pictures of  Hiddenite crystals from Adam's Farm ,
Hiddenite, North Carolina ( Alexander County ) .   The
close-ups  below show the terminated ends of the double
terminated crystal.
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You're on the Hiddenite Crystal page that has photos of
Hiddenite crystals from Adam's Farm, Hiddenite, Alexander
County, North Carolina.
This page was updated on March 24, 2019
Below is a fantastic double terminated Hiddenite Crystal from Adam's Farm in
Hiddenite, North Carolina. This crystal is tiny but has fantastic form and color.
It is shown on a penny for scale.  Click to enlarge any photo.
Hiddenite has two types of terminations, with the tip or main termination
having a characteristic curved shape and the lower termination being spiky
and often split. The close-up image of a Hiddenite crystal  below shows the
lower spiky type termination.
Genuine Hiddenite crystals are a green variety of
Spodumene that gets its color from chromium.  Hiddenite
and other varieties of spodumene often are pleochroic and
exhibit pleochroism.  The crystal seems to have different
levels and hues of color depending on the angle that the
crystal is viewed from.  The photos below show marked
pleochroism: the green color is much more intense on the
ends and edges of the crystal.  The way I describe it is that
color seems to 'burst' from the ends and edges.
The photos above and at right are all of the same crystal. This is a small
crystal that measures  11 x 3 x 2 mm or 7/16" x 1/8" x 1/16".
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The very small hiddenite crystals range from as low as $15 to $30 for a small but very
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Brand ).
I do have larger Hiddenite Crystals, including some fairly large specimens. The price
rises exponentially on the larger crystals. Hiddenite crystals are rare and the larger ones
are extremely rare.
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