The amethyst of Namibia !
often the crystals have hematite inclusions ( ENLARGED IMAGE )
This one has 2 enhydro bubbles
Inclusions in pale amethyt crystal: HEMATITE
Other amethyst from Namibia is on the amethyst home page ---->>>>
The amethyst often are heavily included with various
crystals , minerals , and voids and vapor cavities .
this crystal has voids with a crystal shape ! AKA
On occasion these voids are crystal shaped
and are said to be "Negative Crystals ".
A close up view of the crystal shown to the left
this view shows the enhydro gas bubble in the negative crystal inclusion
                                 The story of Brandberg  Amethyst
99% of the amethyst labeled as "Brandberg" is actually from the near by Goboboseb Mountains.  The
Goboseb Mountains are in sight of Brandberg , which is a national monument and collecting is forbidden
there .   But since those mountains show up on the map and are more well known  , that's the name the
amethyst bear.     
Skeletal Fenster Crystal from goboboseb mtns, near Brandberg , Namibia
different view of the crystal to the left
another view of crystal
view looking 'tip down'
The "official" lanquage of Namibia is English .  However ,
Afrikaans and German are commonly spoken as well .  To the left
are examples of skeletal or "fenster" crystals.   Fenster is a
German word that means "window".   You can see why the
skeletal shapes  with their window-like growth caused them to
name them "fenster" crystals.  
Skeletal or "fenster" crystals
amethyst scepter crystal from brandberg region, goboboseb mtns , namibia
This skeletal scepter with amethyst phantom also has
inclusions ( the inclusions are not shown well ) .  And on top of
that it has relic cavities where some mineral formed at the end
of the quartz growth ( but still before growth had stopped as
evidenced by the indentions) .   This secondary mineral then
dissolved away  , leaving strange relic cavities !     
Hematite inclusions------>>>
This crystal has 3 bubbles and is
loaded with inclusions !
The color is exceptional .
This video shows a mobile gas vapour bubble
suspend in a liquid filled chamber .  This is a
two phase inclusion typically referred to as an
I know this is the Brandberg amethyst page and the following crystal is clear quartz from Brandberg but it is
exceptional with its negative crystal inclusions .    This crystal has numerous negative crystals and most are
fully formed double terminates.  One even has a moving enhydro bubble!   The pictures are so striking that I
am adding them here.
Updated April 06, 2019
Below are Brandberg amethyst crystal
cross-sections. Note the inclusions and
phantoms in them.
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