We owned and operated a quartz mine in  Perry
County, Arkansas just North of jessieville and Hot
I named this mine the "lonesome Dove" crystal mine.
This mine produced the typical Arkansas quartz
crystals but with it's own unique crystal form and habits.
Almost all of the crystals from this mine have a
"healed" or "rehealed" underside. This is from where
the crystal broke loose from the vein wall rock and
then crystal growth resumed and "healed" or grew over
the broken surface with a new crystal face ( often
extremely complex with many triangular faces).

I bought this mine because it also produced "green
phantoms"  which are chlorite included quartz crystals.

These are hard to find but we did manage to find a few.

Shown below is a nice phantom quartz crystal in
photographs and video.
This is stock #4996 & is for sale.
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green phantom chlorite inclusion arkansas quartz crystal
Here is a video showing more of the crystals that came from our Arkansas
quartz crystal mine.  All crystals shown in the video are for sale mine direct with
no middle man.  Our warehouse is only 45 minutes from Atlanta, Georgia and is
open to the public.  Shipping is also available!