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Magnet Cove Brookite Crystals & Quartz Crystals.
Arkansas has several different types of notable minerals and
crystals but is most famous for its water-clear quartz crystals.
We will cover several localities & different types of minerals
that occur in Arkansas.  Magnet Cove Brookite crystals are
found in top quality with great form and complexity.
This page is photo intensive with high-resolution photos so it
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Pictured  below and at left is an
interesting small double terminated
brookite crystal with tiny quartz crystals
attached.  Note penny for scale
The photo on the right shows
a different crystal with more
matrix & has a better defined
quartz crystal on it.
The Magnet Cove brookite crystal shown below (#9826) is almost completely covered with tiny micro
quartz crystals .
The Magnet Cove Brookite crystal specimen shown below  - #9795 - has an unusual shape. It has a bluish-purple color
that is only observed in bright lighting and only at certain angles. This crystal is on matrix with tiny quartz crystals and
other much smaller brookite crystals.  It is well worth taking the time to click to expand these photos.
The magnet cove location was closed
in the 1990's and totally reclaimed and
turned into a housing subdivision.  I
ended up with these by buying a major
portion of the Bud and Mary Edith
Sigmund (Bee Line Minerals) estate
collection.   In that purchase was a flat
of dirty uncleaned crystals. I bought
them in about 2010 and they sat
uncleaned in storage until the summer
of 2017.   These were most likely
collected in the mid 1980's so they sat
uncleaned in storage by multiple
owners for about thirty years!
Usually the specimens from magnet cove are larger crudely
formed quartz crystals (often unterminated) that have brookite
crystals peppered all over it, with some small quartz crystals.  
There is usually lots of smaller brookite crystals hiding in the
nooks and crannies.  The brookite crystals are so numerous as
to usually be beyond counting!
Brookite crystal specimen #9784 shown below exhibits the typical diamond or kite
shape that is most common. Also present on its surface is tiny quartz crystals, many
of which are seen to be doubly terminated. One photo shows a hint of the bluish
color that can only be observed at certain oblique angles.
Magnet Cove Specimen #9785 is seen
to be a larger terminated smoky quartz
crystal with somewhat larger brookite
crystals on its surface along with small
quartz crystals. There is a small
amount of iron oxides on this specimen
The photo immediately below left will open into a huge full screen photo showing the countless tiny brookite crystals on quartz crystals.
Below we see a mini-cluster of magnet cove brookite crystals -#9655. This specimen is a few double terminated brookites and the specimen
looks totally different on one side than the other. One side has smaller complex triangular faces & all are double terminated!
Believe it or not, here is yet another double terminated magnet cove brookite crystal that has a tiny double terminated quartz crystal on it!
Note penny for scale as it is a tiny specimen. (Below, Specimen #9660)
#9693, seen below, is a spectacular magnet cove brookite crystal with quartz crystals. This crystal has vivid blue color when viewed
from certain angles.
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Below you'll see specimen #8822:
A funky quartz crystal cluster with
many brookite crystals! This is the
classic Magnet Cove habit!
Below is another similar Magnet Cove smoky quartz crystal that is studded with brookite crystals:
Below left is an unsually shaped Magnet Cove Brookite Crystal and on the right is a textbook perfect example of the typical habit.
Below is one of my all-time favorite Magnet Cove Brookite crystal specimens. The smaller smoky quartz crystals reminds me of a saguaro cactus in one area!
Below is some unsually brilliant and shiny Magnet Cove Brookite Crystals on matrix
Here we see a large specimen from magnet cove with relatively huge brookite crystals on large smoky
quartz crystals. This is very uncommon in this palm-sized specimen!
Below are random Magnet Cove
Brookite Crystal photos
Below are some exceptional (if I do say so myself) photos of Magnet Cover Brookite crystals
on smoky quartz crystals. This is a very small specimen but with excellent crystal growth.
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Below are photos showing a cluster of
smoky quartz crystals with Brookite
crystals that is on a friable sandstone
Brookite clusters on sand stone matrix
from Magnet Cove are rarely seen.  
Note how grains of sand have
detached while handling it in the photo
Another interesting mineral that occurs
at Magnet Cove is RUTILE
PARAMORPHS.   A nice rutile
paramorph crystal is shown below