Dig for Amethyst Crystals: Warrenton, Georgia. May 02, 2020. THERE
Registration /Application & approval required. This is on the Cedar Ridge farm
near Ivy Farm.  There is amethyst crystals , Quartz crystals and amethyst scepters. Some
of the crystals are shiny and almost all of the crystal have a good to flawless interior.  
There is some light to medium facetable material here.
   Email me to register and apply to
attend. Include your phone number in the email.
(please don't email with questions
about other digging dates because this page has any information about dates
that I can announce). If the following link doesn't work you can get my email
address in the image below.  If the link works, there is no need to also use
the alternate address and send two emails. There may be a delay in
answering because I wear a lot of hats and am juggling a lot of things.
$45 per person to go thru the tailings piles as the machine brings them up
. This doesn't include digging in the hole on this dig but i might be able to le
t people depending on how things go.  You get to keep what you find. Se
e new photo link below.  Please bring a release form (Release form link is
Our Twitter, Flickr, ebay, & Rock
Shop links below :
Cedar Ridge Farms Amethyst Mine:
Warrenton, Georgia.
"Pay to dig / Fee Mining / Machine digs: Dig for amethyst
APRIL 26, 2020  @ 6:45 am
Please print out this release form and fill out and bring with you:
Meeting time & place: 9:00 a.m. !    (Approval required)
32 Thomson Hwy, Warrenton, GA 30828

if you get there late, you will be out of luck as we will be
gone. We really mean this. There is no signal at the mine
& texts reach me with a delay.
GREAT BREAKFAST at this Chevron!!!!
An amethyst crystal recently found in Warrenton Georgia
amethyst crystal at the machine dig
Everyone finds crystals that the amethyst crystal dig that is about 50 miles from jacksons crossroads
A visitor is shown with an amethyst crystal she found at our crystal dig place
Where to stay: Warrenton no
longer has a Hotel. The White
Columns Inn in Thomson is the
best place to stay & exactly 21
miles from the mine.
White Columns Inn
Click here for list of things to bring to the amethyst crystal dig.
Rodney Moore digging amethyst crystals with his backhoe
The photographs on this page show
amethyst crystals that are being dug in
Warrenton, Georgia   by visitors and
are being helped by Rodney Moore
using his backhoe.
Here are the latest finds from the farm. Each new area that we dig at yields a different kind of
habit.  We found a few scepters last time.  The 8 pictures below were taken October 21 & 25, 2014
This amethyst scepter was found in Warrenton, Georgia by Nathan Robey
Be sure to check back for updated information (note
update time @ top left of page).

Click the amethyst scepter to see pictures of what we
found on the last dig!  (Updated Dec. 19, 2017)
Ten day weather forecast for
Warrenton, Georgia:

Warrenton Weather Forecast
Recent Finds:
Warrenton Amethyst Page - Cedar Ridge

New photos coming soon!
Click to see photo page of recent amethyst crystal finds
Where to eat: I like the following places
in Thomson. (links open maps)
Lucky Chinese Buffet
Habaneros Mexican

Waffle House
There are lots of other places to eat.
The Holiday Inn Express is now
the Comfort inn. There are several
pricey hotels but White Columns is the
best value at $60.
Avoid the cheaper hotels as they
are extremely bad.
Where to shop: (links open maps)
There is a
Wal-Mart and an AutoZone.
For gas and the good snacks
RaceWay beside the Waffle House
can't be beat.
Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
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There's a lot more photos of the amethyst crystals that we have been
finding recently.  
Visit our Rock Shop just South of Atlanta
Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
The photo below shows new crystals  added to our
rock shop in McDonough, Georgia. We've added
some great small aquamarine crystals for only $8
each,  New epidote crystals and tourmaline crystals
(click to enlarge)