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Show page - 2019 Tannehill Gem Show information
Updated June 12, 2019
7:45 PM Eastern
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Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
46th Annual Tannehill Gem, Mineral & Lapidary show
June 1 - 2, 2019  9am - 5pm
Admission is free with paid admission to the park.
Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park
12632 Confederate Parkway
McCalla, Alabama 35111
(Near Birmingham / Bessemer)
Here we have the Tannehill Gem show info with dates, address, map and other info that
you'll need to make the best of the show.
Tannehill Gem Show 2020 Info:
The club informed the dealers that the 48th annual Tannehill show will not be at
Tannehill. It's the end of over 4 decades of tradition.
I've enjoyed vending there from 2006-2019 and so it is rather sad news.
We will be set up in the first shed
across from the Bathrooms . We will
have a wide selection of crystals,
minerals and fossils, as well as crystal
carvings and spheres.
To get a good idea of what all we sell
you can click the banner below that
leads to my Rock Shop page.  You can
message me if you notice anything that
you want me to be sure to bring!
We will also be a the Grassy Creek Show in Spruce
Pine, North Carolina  after the Tannehill Show.
Click banner below for more info:
Click the picture of the gem mining
truck below to see a Tannehill Show
report from years past.
The park that the gem show is held in is AWESOME!     
The show is held in the back area beside the creek.  
There is an Archery show in an adjacent field every year
and lots of other things to see and do. For info on
Tannehill Historical State Park, just click the banner below.
Tannehill State Park is HUGE! The gem show is held near a group of buildings that is across
the wooden bridge that leads to the old Grist Mill. Since the park is so big, I've included a map
that leads right to the show instead of just the park entrance. This will save you some time!
In addition to crystals and fossils we also bring lots of
lapidary rough as well as obsidian for flint knapping.
The folks that go to the archery contest in the
adjacent field are always happy to get good material
from me at great prices!
Shown below is some beautiful rainbow
obsidian that is great for flint knapping
arrowheads. This material shows a
rainbow of color in bright lighting.
We also have regular black obsidian
and mahogany obsidian and several
other kinds.
The photos in the show banner at left
show some of the various crystals and
minerals that I have for sale.  We have
lots of amethyst from Georgia and
pretty much any crystal, mineral or
fossil that you can name!
We also carry lapidary materials and
have Paint Rock Agate cab rough , all
kinds of facet rough, and obsidian for
flint knapping.
We will have lots of spirit
quartz for sale
Malachite & Chrysocolla
Spheres & Eggs for sale
at the show!
Stone Dice and Stone Guitar Picks
carved from Alabama amethyst agate
and paint rock agate will be on sale at
affordable prices! Shown above &
below is agate from near Mobile,
Above is druse smokey quartz on
petrified wood from Wetumpka,
Alabama. We will have examples from
Wetumpka AND ALSO Brilliant
Alabama for sale!
We do a lot of digging here in the US and have
owned/operated several famous mines so this means
we have mine-direct specimens at mine-direct prices.
We also buy out mineral collection and estates  so we
have all kinds of different mineral specimens and
crystals for sale.   We have a wide variety and pretty
much anything that you can name.  In the old
collections that we buy we often find  mineral
specimens that just aren't on the market today.  We
always bring many flats from the  collection buy-outs
and you'll love going through them to see what all you
can find!