crystal area
Quartz crystal from Lagrange after being cleaned .
Dirty quartz crystal covered with pocket clay
Quartz crystal from my mine in lagrange , Georgia
Come dig for these yourself !
growth hillocks on quartz crystal from lagrange, Georgia
super close up of the quartz crystal from Lagrange, Georgia
The crystal shown above  has very peculiar growth hillocks
that can only be seen when the crystal is tilted to a certain angle that will
reflect light off of them. Some of the crystals from this location are
exceptional !      
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quartz crystal site lagrange georgia
Quartz Crystal Photo page for the Lagrange,
Georgia clear crystal mine.
The above page was for a quartz crystal
collecting area that I had open from 2005 -
2009.  It is located in Lagrange, Georgia.
It was a few miles from the Hogg Mine.

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