FIELD TRIP REPORT    March 16 , 2009
QUARTZ CRYSTAL SITE : Lagrange , Georgia
They were the only two people to
decide to visit the place  , so they had
the ENTIRE site to themselves ( and
volunteer trip leader Nancy ) .  Here is
what Rob & Lyuba found in one day !
( Their finds spread out on the truck
tailgate ! )
Close-up photos of some of the singles
and clusters.
On March 14 , 2009 ,  Rob & Lyuba
paid a visit to the quartz crystal site .
Since I had been doing work out there
the weekend before , the area was ripe
for some good finds !
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Two Recent Visitors
This is what they found in one day
A closer look
A single quartz crystal
A cluster of crystals
If you would like to find some nice quartz crystals yourself , I can
make it happen !    Plan on visiting with us soon .        

Top photo by Bill Mitcham.
All other pictures this page by
Robert Horton.
It was raining that day so .............
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Click the quartz crystal photo below to
see more pictures of the Lagrange
quartz crystal site that I had open for a
brief period of time.