Minerals we commonly bring back from Namibia:
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Shattuckite from Kaokoveld, Namibia.
Fluorite from Erongo, Namibia.
Dioptase from Kaokoveld, Namibia
schorl tourmaline with c-face.
This schorl tourmaline is unusual in that it has a c-face.
Enhydro bubble in brandberg amethyst.
Brandberg amethyst
Fluorite from Erongo
Dioptase from Kaokoveld
Schorl Tourmaline with
unusual c-face termination.
brandberg amethyst with enhydro bubble.
Great color and red lepido.
One of my favorite minerals from Namibia is the Brandberg Amethyst.
In addition to the great and peculiar coloration , these commonly have inclusions such
as enhydro bubbles, lepidochrosite,hematite, etc.
Look real close and you can see the needle or hair-like inclusions.
Tourmalinated Beryl
Tourmalinated quartz scepter
Erongo, Namibia
The natural blue color of the Erongo Aquamarine is beyond
compare and exceeds any other source of natural beryl in
regards to color or crystalization.
Shown below is a aquamarine cluster on tourmaline. This
specimen has more of a greenish tint to the blue.
From Erongo, Namibia.  The crystal on the right is a tabular
aquamarine crystal with tourmaline and a quartz crystal
penetrating it!