Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Dig
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Dig for Georgia amethyst crystal photo
Jackson's Crossroads
Amethyst at
Site 4  and Site 5  with Rodney

Dig for amethyst Crystals:  We currently do not offer trips to this locality and
dont anticipate doing so in the near future.  Please see our other pages to find out
about our new locations.
  Be sure to email me for info
Meet at Rayle Food Mart across from post office @ blinking light at 9am (formerly
Sherrer's )
If you're late you'll miss the group headed to the mine.
5008 HWY 78   RAYLE, GA
This address should put you near the store across the road from the  Rayle Post Office.
Please be sure not to block the pumps or cause traffic problems at the store.
The people in the store don’t know anything about the dig so please don’t ask them anything about it.
They do have supplies, coffee and a good breakfast and lunch.
unusual crystal found at Jacksons Crossroads site 4
Found December 4th at JXR#4
December 04, 2010 start of a pocket on the surface
Above  is an extremely unusual crystal
found  at the Dec. 4th dig at jxr#4 by
Ed Bansbach!
Recently , Jeff Lennox went out there by his self  &
found a gemmy crystal on the surface in a virgin
area.  He started digging and found a deposit with
several crystals including a nice big one! Here is the
picture that he sent me of his finds:
Georgia amethyst photo : click to enlarge
Email me to book your own trip to dig!
Amethyst crystal dug by Rodney Moore at Jacksons Crossroads
Awesome color on this freshly
dug Georgia Amethyst crystal!
Note the unusual druse of tiny quartz
crystals on this dark amethyst.
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georgia amethyst mining
We have free camping &
pay rv sites as well.
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Email me if there
are any questions!
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