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During the period of time that the Woodward Ranch was open and I was
collecting on it the Walker Ranch was closed to public collecting.  But things
changed and the Woodward Ranch was closed/sold and the Walker Ranch
opend back up to collecting.
I first visited in 2014 and on my first trip I found a good place to dig for the
red plume agate.   Most people just surface collect but I like to find good
material and then find its source and dig for it.
I found a good spot with large "Biscuits" of the red plume agate.   Here is
some of my finds that has been cut into stone guitar picks.
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Above and to the left is typical Walker
Ranch Red Plume Agate.
Below is an odd combination of moss
agate and red plume agate.
The upper portion of the stone guitar
pick was cut so that both kinds of
agate is well represented in the pick.
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Below is an odd type of plume agate that in addition to red dots it also has wire-like structures.
I had seen the red dots before in a type of agate that I did in Alabama called "Strawberry
Patch" which is a variety of Paint Rock Agate.
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