We custom make and sell gem stone guitar picks.
Below are photographs or our custom made gemstone
guitar picks that we currently have in stock:  
(New photos added June 26, 2017)
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gem stone guitar pick made from texas pertified palmwood
agate guitar pick made from paint rock agate
stone guitar pick made from Arizona Rainbow petrified wood that I dug up in Holbrook Arizona
 Rodney Moore's hogg mine star rose quartz carved into a stone guitar pick
The photograph above shows a stone guitar pick carved from
Texas petrified palmwood.
The photograph above shows a stone guitar pick carved from
Alabama Paint Rock Agate .
The photograph above shows a stone guitar pick carved from
Arizona Rainbow petrified palmwood.
The photograph above shows a stone guitar pick carved from
Rodney Moore's Hogg Mine Star Rose Quartz. Below on the left is
a stone guitar pick made from crazy lace agate.  On the right
below is a stone guitar pick made from turritella agate and you can
see the fossil snails shells in this one very well!
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stone guitar pick made out of crazy lace agate
Below is a stone guitar pick made out of lapis Lazuli
and one made from Rutilated Quartz
stone guitar pick made out of Botsaanna agate
This stone guitar pick is made out of petrified palmwood.
Below is a guitar pick made from Paint Rock Agate that I dug in Alabama.
The pick to the right is carnelian from the same location!
A guitar pick cut from Star Rose Quartz that I dug at the
Hogg Mine when I operated it. A close-up shows the
inclusions that give domed structures a star.
inclusions in star rose quartz from the hogg mine in Georgia
carnelian stone guitar pick
Malachite stone guitar pick
This is an odd guitar pick made from agate with
common opal inside it. I dug the material in
Marfa, Texas on the Singleton Ranch.
chrysoprase stone guitar pick
tan petrified palmwood carved into a guitar pick
Below is stone guitar picks made from Botswana agate, Chrysoprase, and
black petrified Palmwood and Tan petrified palmwood
Below is a stone guitar pick carved from agate that I dug near
Mobile, Alabama at the same location that the amethystine agate
is found.  To the right of it is unique picks carved out of Pietersite.
alabama seam agate carved into a guitar pick
The condor agate from Argentina shown below has an
interesting interior when you back-light it.
Red Tiger eye guitar picks
Below is red plume agate from the Woodward Ranch, Alpine, Texas. I dug this
material up myself. Note the inclusions in agate.
Below is wierd brecciated jasper that I
dug in Texas either at Bob's Nob or
Mines Road near Laredo (I can't
remember but it was on my trip to that
Below is a smoky Quartz Guitar pick made
from a crystal from Hallelujah Junction, CA
Black Petrified Palmwood  
guitar pick.
Below is a guitar pick that has mossy chlorite in quartz crystal.  
This is an unusual green chlorite and a close-up photo shows
the green worm-like structure.
Buy Stone Guitar Picks CLICK HERE
Buy Stone Guitar Picks CLICK HERE
Buy Stone Guitar Picks CLICK HERE
On my trips to Namibia I would always see
very small pieces of a very nice picture
jasper but never in pieces big enough to
cut guitar picks out of. Then on one trip I
found one single large piece that yielded
all of these picks!
Woodward ranch red plume agate cut into guitar picks
Below is boxes of guitar picks made from Texas red plume agate, red tiger eye,
brecciated jasper from Texas and Apache Mine dendritic rhyolite from near
Deming, New Mexico.
This is how it looks when my order gets back from the cutter.  When having guitar
picks made I sometimes have them make cabs out of the scraps that are too small to
make guitar picks. The problem is that sometimes they will just cut cabs and ZERO
picks out of some material.  That happened with a fantastic piece of Texas Palmwood
that would have made 100's of great picks.  The cut 80 cabs and zero guitar picks
which was very disappointing.
Pietersite carved into a guitar picks.  The photo of the rough chunk of Pieterstie shows the variety of patterns and explains why they look so different.
This is my favorite material
Arizona Rainbow Petrified wood.
I also sell cutting rough!
More Turritella Agate which is fossil Snail Shells!  Upper right: Lapis Lazuli
Examples of agate that I dug at the  
Ritchie Ranch in Alpine, Texas.
I wrote an article about finding this
exact seam of agate in Rock & Gem
Magazine some years ago.
In the next town over, Marfa, Texas,I did some collecting on the Singleton Ranch and
found Agate with common opal! These made interesting stone guitar picks!
Shown below is guitar picks made from Wonder Stone (Rhyolite), fire agate (but it was cut wrong so no fire) and even one made from
Labradorite.  Labradorite is too soft and has cleavage so it couldn't actually be used like all the rest of them that I sell. On the next row is
inclusions in agate from the Woodward Ranch and lapis Lazuli, Botswana Agate and Chrysoprase from Australia.
wonder stone guitar pick
fire agate stone guitar pick
guitar pick carved from labradorite
On the left you see a jade guitar pick & beside it is the same pick backlit by the sun. Then another Wonder stone and a green mossy chlorite in quartz.
On the next row is 2 picks made from the petrified wood that I dug in Tilden, Texas. The wood grain looks as fresh as modern wood today even though it's millions of
years old!  There is a double row of Texas Petrified Wood Picks to show the variety.
Below is an Arizona Rainbow Petrified Wood Guitar Pick.  It ha an incredible polish!
The third row below shows Indian Jasper from India, owyhee Picture Jasper, exceptional Amethystine Agate from Southern Alabama & Botswana agate.
The blue picks above and below
are Lapis Lazuli and has flecks of
pyrite (Fool's Gold) in them.
Above: Agate from Southern Alabama
Below: Louisiana petrified Palm Wood
And now, for some rare and one of a kind Stone Guitar Picks: Shrinkwood from Three Rivers, Texas, agate with common opal from Round MTN, AZ, Kentucky Agate, Black
Plume agate from Singleton Ranch, Marfa, Texas,   
Dinosaur Bone, Condor agate, Argentina shown front & Back, and Palmwood cut with the grain that had odd tubes.
Blue capped Owyhee Picture Jasper,                                                                                            Wild patterned agate from near Deming, NM.,  
The first 4 picks came from the same area near Mobile, Alabama:  2 Purple amethyst agate and the 2  different yellow/black.  Found within 300 yards of each other
Black and Yellow Jasper from
Ritchie Ranch, Alpine, Texas.
Black plume agate, Woodward Ranch, Alpine, Texas
If you like Pietersite you may want to visit the
Below is an incredible Arizona Petrified Wood Stone Guitar Pick . Farther right is Crazy Lace.
Second from left is probably my best Turritella Agate pick.    Right: Kentucky agate
Another example of Pietersite, shown front and back. This has a
clear area and the inclusions add an interesting effect.
Another Pietersite Stone Guitar
Pick that is shown front and back.
I call this color "Midnight Blue"
Below are some guitar picks carved out of red plume agate that I dug
at the Walker Ranch in Alpine, Texas in 2014
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