I've added a few new photos of Jeff's picks in the split as he has
progressed in getting them cleaned up. To make sure that you see the
new photos, be sure to refresh your browser when you come to this
page. If the date/time on the upper left don't change afterwards then you
know you are seeing the most current state.
I'll be adding pictures of my picks out of the collective effort very soon.
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No doubt you have seen pages 1 & 2 where I relate my 4800 mile round trip to Montana and share about
digging Montana quartz ,smoky and amethyst scepters. Here I'll share some images of the crystals.
Montana Quartz & Amethyst Scepter Photo Page 3
Updated July 17, 2018 (new photos, top of page)
                       10:00 PM Eastern
Refresh your browser to see new images.
The photos below show the dirty crystals as Jeff and I laid them out to divide them.  Different collecting localities have different types of "dirty" and
some have varying degrees of iron staining. This Montana location was not too bad and some were found perfectly clean or nearly so.  Most have
about 60% coverage of a very light iron oxide stain that easily came off in just a few hours when soaked in oxalic.  A few had thicker and heavy iron
crusts and only the very large ones had very thick crusts of iron oxide.
The first few photos aren't the best quality but I do want to convey a sense of the total amount that we found in four 8-hour days of digging.The first
few photos shows the table with all of the better quality crystals laid out and ready for Jeff and I to take turns picking to divide them. (Click to
expand and most expand a second time for full screen).
The pictures below show Jeff Lennox's picks and have either his name or initials in the photo to help me lay
out this page.
The pictures below show my picks and have either my name or initials in the photo to help me lay out this page. At the time, I mainly took pictures of
Jeff's picks because I figured that I would have plenty of time later to photo my own. In hindsight, I should have taken more pictures of mine at the time.
Below are 4 views of the same small quartz scepter.  Note the sharp smoky
phantom and the less well define pale amethyst rafters in the tip.
Below are some photos - including some new ones -  that Jeff sent me of the ones he has just cleaned up.
Most all photos expand at least once and some expand twice over.
I'll soon be caught up on things enough to add some of my finds that have been cleaned.