Epidote photo Gallery Page - with probably more
epidote crytal photos than you have ever seen in one
place! This is  epidote from the Green Monster Mine ,
Prince of Wales, Alaska. These were mined in the 70's
by the famous Lee Myers!  I ended up with his entire
collection when he passed away.  I have some for sale
at my rock shop just South of Atlanta.  The Mineral
Gallery (Inside Peachtree Antique Center) 155 Mill
Road, McDonough, Ga. 30253

Shown are epidote crystals, clusters of epidote with
quartz crystals, and quartz crystals with epidote needle
inclusions, and sometimes also byssolite.
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Click on any photo to enlarge. Most photos can be clicked
again to expand even larger.  These are Epidote crystals
that were collected in the 1970's by Lee Myers.  These
were collected at the Green Monster Mine, Green Monster
Mountain, Prince of Wales, Alaska.   We have these for
sale at our rock shop just South of Atlanta, The Mineral
Gallery 155 Mill Road, McDonough, Georgia 30253.
I especially like the terminations on these.  A lot of the crystals have a
termination that has a distinct line in the middle with striations that make
a chevron.  I believe this shows the internal twinning.
Alaska Epidote crystal showing twinning lines on termination.
The crystals on the plates are epidote
crystals and quartz crystals with
epidote inclusions that have not been
cleaned yet! (shown still dirty!)
Many of the quartz crystals would have
epidote needles inside as inclusions,
and sometimes whole epidote crystals,
byssolite and sometimes white
More examples of Epidote and quartz
combo clusters where the quartz
crystals has nice 3 dimensional white
phantoms inside. The one to the right
and the one below are 2 different
This crystal has an unusual green
color due to the heavy epidote
inclusions. It has a markedly different
appearance and color than the
crystals that are green due to chlorite
The Green Monster Mine was
notorious for it's Japan Law twin quartz
crystals with epidote.  Here are a few
of mine (now sold though).
If 134 photos of epidote crystals is not enough,
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