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Everybody knows about our "public" digs that we have in various places and advertise on the dig dates
page. In addition to the public digs we also have other digs or trips that Dixie Euhedrals mining company
does as exploratory trips to scout out potential sites for development or in some cases to purchase
minerals.   In this case , only close associates attend due to competition  from other people that lease or
buy sites or that would like to also source minerals for re-sale.

             BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CLOCKS ? ?
Sometimes our travels take us into different times zones  and sometimes this time zone difference is
significant.       It's convienent to place a clock here where mainly family , but also friends and those
interested in our adventures, can see what time it is where  we are at.           

This helps to avoid getting 3 a.m. phone calls from people back home that are in a time zone where it is  
8 p.m.      I will even have to refer to the website myself to determine what time it is back home and to
get the  weather forcast for my destination.

It also lets you , Dear Reader , know when to anticipate updates and photos .       Updates and photos
will all appear on the TWITTER module that is situated below the clocks.      There's still a wait before
the next project kicks off , but for something of this depth and magnitude , a lot of preparatory work
needs to be done  in advance for testing purposes.

We have added a twitter module but this device is limited in that it only shows the  two most recent posts.
This means you'll miss a lot of photos unless you actually go to my main twitter page.  That's easy to do
, just click the twitter link :

Please check the previous page  often for updates.     We promise that soon we will have things
up for your amusement and viewing pleasure.

                                                                              Rodney Moore  & the DIXIE U! Crew   
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