Photos from my rockhound trip out west
( Tucson Gem Show 2011 )
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Cactus while collecting petrified wood in Tilden, Texas.
I collected a bucket of pet wood in a few minutes!
Petrified wood, Tilden, Texas.
Refinery in Three Rivers, Texas.
I busted my shocks halfway through my trip becuase of the amount of rocks!
Got  them shocks replaced with air shocks first thing in Tucson!
Rest area in Arizona, oddly enough called Texas Pass.
New Chinese Barites
Stibnite in Calcite : China
Peep inside the show room.
My friends Sanjay & Shaddra
Rhodochrosite from Peru.
Awesome big blue Topaz from Brazil.
ajoite in quartz , messina mine, South Africa
opal from USA
Arizona Petrified wood sphere
Pet wood Arizona
Llanite slabs in water
Sagauro Cactus, North of Tucson
Inside joke, dont ask
Sunrise, Holbrook , Arizona
pet wood site in holbrook arizona
huge petrified logs
restuarant in New Mexico on Route 66
Phoenix, Arizona
Real Bad weather in Moriarty, New Mexico!
Arizona Petrified wood sphere at the Tucson Show.
I was told this Lama would TRAMPLE MY ASS
Baby head mtns near Llanite
Llanite outcrop
weathered Llanite boulder
Llanite boulder outcrop
Once I got back home I cut some of the Llanite.
This photo page shows highlights from my February 2-13, 2011 trip to Tucson, Arizona.

My first stop was in Tilden, Texas for petrified wood.  I was able to get 200 pounds in
just a few hours.

It was bitter cold, 8 degrees with the wind howling and it was the coldest I have ever
been in my life.    The next day I went to the House Ranch  near Three Rivers  to look
for petrified palm wood.   I struck out here and this was mainly becuase of the extreme
cold and wind.

My next stop was in Llano, Texas, where I was able to collect about 400 pounds of
Llanite.   Unfortunately , by the time I got to Tucson my shocks were busted and at
every bump in the road my fender wells would eat into my new tires.

This meant the very first thing I had to do when I got to Tucson ( after loading up 150
pounds of obsidian that I bought from a friend ) was to go get heavy air shocks

I made the rounds thru Tucson and had a great time looking at the minerals and
making a very few purchases.

Next I went to Holbrook, Arizona and dug petrified wood.   I collected about 300 pounds
of very colorful rainbow wood.   Great fun there!

The next day I left and got hung up in Moriarty, New Mexico with white-out conditions
and a low of 22 degrees below zero.  It froze up my radiator and it is a wonder that it
didnt push out the freeze plugs or crack the radiator.  
Petrified wood that I found in Arizona.
I have lapidary cutting rough for
sale from my trip, including Llanite,
rainbow obsidian, and Arizona
petrified rainbow wood!
John and Ed from RTH