September 15 , 2010
I rode thru Texas and captured this image of the turbine windmills that generate electricity.   This scene near Stink
Creek was kinda spooky , though I can't put my finger on why .   

I stayed last night in Van Horn, Texas and my laptop's vodafone would not connect to the internet . The flea bag
Road trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!
Here's a slightly better pic of my display case . Notice the fiber optic lights that are adjustable. The case is designed so
that you can project light into the crystal from underneath to make the crystal glow. It is a stunning effect. The case cost
$3500.00 and i am renting it for the show for $800. The rent on the other cases is $500.00 each . The average cost for
a domestic citizen to set up here at Tucson is $5000.00 !  Folks from overseas have even more costs. I have another
case too , but it suddenly got half empty last night . Even though the show does not start for 2 more days , the" Ballerz
and Shot Callerz " are out and about , looking for that hot deal or a significant " beat them to the punch" purchase.  I
sold one of my best musuem pieces to an undisclosed power hitter today , for an undisclosed but very significant price.
This is a real kick in the arse , becuase I offered to loan the specimen to a GEORGIA MUSEUM , but my bad-ass
attitiude doesn't mix well with their similiar attitude   ~ ( holler if you hear me ) . I would rather do without the money and  
share the specimen with everyone instead of the specimen ending up ~ after changing hands several times ~~ in one
very wealthy dudes private collection. Look for more and better pix tomorrow
Here's my first buy on my trip here : A
picture of chinese realgar on dogtooth
calcite. Realgar is extremely rare , and
a gemmy red translucent realgar
crystal on calcite is a real treat . For
sale for $140.00.
I have learned to speak a little chinese
today !  To say "hello" in chinese , you make
a sound like a donkey . It is pronounced a
certain way : "knee - Haw "  and there is a
certain way to make a proper greeting . It
must be said with emphasis and gusto -- of
which I am full of ! So , i bust off into the
which I am full of ! So , i bust off into the
nee-haw back , and a peculiar look . I have
made my hello's with quite a few chinese
made my hello's with quite a few chinese
today , and purchased for re-sale quite a
few nice quartz crystals with orsange garnet
attached .I have this one for sale for $40
and some for sale as low as $12 each .
The word on the street is there is
nothing new  here at the show ( except
for me ) .There is , however , a mind
boggling amount of great stuff to look
at . Trouble with that is I am trapped
here in my selling room and unable to
get out to look untill my friend Mike
comes a week from now to help me .
One of the customers that visited my
room was holding a flat of stibnites so I
talked him into letting me take a picture
for this website. So without further
fanfare , here is a picture of stibnite.
click to enlarge
Look for new pictures every day , but it will be a slow start until next week when I get
some help so I can get out on the town and take pix at all the venues , until then ,
you’ll have to settle for what the customers bring into my selling room at the
Smuggler’s Inn and Resort .
Yesterday was a slow day as far as sales goes . I guess the competition is going to kill
me one way or the other . So far , I have met some very interesting people and heard
very interesting tales . One guy told me that I have entered a cut throat and nasty
world of mineral dealing . It’s not bad in the lower levels of the hobby and trade , but
the real diggers , those that run jackhammers , drills , and excavators , are a wily and
slippery bunch , but not near as bad as the financiers and and big time dealers. I have
been interested in rocks and crystals since I was 8 years old and really got into the
hobby when I was 18 . Having read all the hobby and trade magazines such as Rock &
Gem , Rocks and Minerals , Lapidary Journal , and The Mineralogical Record , from an
early age , I had an impression of the way things were and worked . Being a mine
owner , machine operator , & mineral dealer , I now have been enlightened as to how
things really are . This is a long way around to saying that things are not always how
they outwardly appear and that there are a LOT of things that go on beyond what you
would imagine . A lot of this has to do with money and to a lessor degree , ego . I ,
personally , am a polarizing individual , which means folks either tend to really like me
or really dislike me . If your in the group that likes me , well , I think that is really cool .
If your in the group that dislikes me , ………uhhh , that’s cool too , and I bet the feeling
is mutual .
Welcome , to the 2006 Tucson rock , gem , mineral and fossil
show report , brought to you courtesy of that shining star of
the South : Dixie Euhedrals , that pearl of bright white light in a
sea of darkness .Here is a picture of epidote on a quartz
cluster. The quartz has a purpley color which may be truly
amethystine or perhaps just due to the included hematite.
This material hails from China and is available at several of
the shops here at the resort.Special thanks to the fellow who
wandered into my shop and allowed me to photo it.

Here's  a picture of two chinese ladies  , one of which who is
named  " Yuan Ye  Xiang " .
Here's some pictures of  the good green flourites
out of China ~~ I have a few of these for sale for
$20 to $30 each.  I don't think the specimens I
bought have been oiled , but I noticed a wet sot
under one of the specimens in a different room.  
A good ole greasy wet spot and a sniff on one of
these flourites smelled like mineral oil , where
some dealers coat the crystal with mineral oil to
make it appear shinier and conceals any dings or
skeletal with mud and enhydro inclusions. Some are even sceptered .These come from the wa wa
mountains in Utah , about 5 miles from the red beryl location. These came from the collector's edge
ballroom display.  These are the coolest thing and I bought a flat yesterday and one yesterday  and
today I bought out what is supposed  the last of the flats except for the really expensive specimens.   
The skeletal faces are superb , here's a closer view : The amethyst is neat and the included water
channells are incredible and some are even enhydro with a movable air bubble in the trapped fluid
inclusion .
Here in sunny Tucson the orange trees have nice looking oranges on them this time of year .
I saw nice opal from a pay to dig place : Rainbow ridge opal mines    another place is
In the lobby was an artist  and he had
some awesome shirts  ( Frederick
Wilda and his website is  
) .
I was looking for small rose quartz to sell and
encountered this killer huge rose quartz sphere .
It weighed a thousand pounds and when you turn
the big water pump on , YES ! , the sphere does
swirl around !
The various cultures are a trip , just
ask Mohammed from Morroco !
A fellow came by the shop today wearing a cool t-shirt  and when I asked he said
he made it his self ( Nik Nikiforou  with the ebay id : GLOBEMINERALS ). He said
that---- yesterday, with a different shirt -- when he went into one of the shops , that
he asked a price on a wulfenite and the chinese lady said  $200 . The guy passed
on the deal . The lady kept doing sign language that she wanted his shirt ( off his
back ! ) . He kept indicating "no " , so she went to the closet and came back with a
nice new sheepskin jacket and motioned that she wanted to swap . He said no and
then , with a flash of inspiration , grabbed the $200 wulfenite and sign languaged a
trade . She said yes , so , he took the shirt off his back and they traded !  ( He had
a jacket  with him  that he put on ) .
Business was so poor here today that I said to heck with it and decided to go check out
the Inn Suites . I spent 3 hours there and only checked out 25 % of what was there . Oh
believe this " kind of specimens. I saw some killer new amazonite  and some killer old
amazonite.The amazonite cluster pictured was snapped up on the spot by Kevin Ward  
and he says this will be on sale at for $9500.00 .    
Business was so poor here today that I said to heck with it and decided to go check out
The new amazonite that I saw is being carried Joseph & Susan Dorris of  GLACIER the
Inn Suites . I spent 3 hours there and only checked out 25 % of what was there . Oh
PEAK MINES ( Inn Suites rm 182 ) and their  website at   These
guy have a similar operation as i have  . Their website has very interesting dig pictures
guy have a similar operation as i have  . Their website has very interesting dig pictures
and the " pocket excavation " page is great .  I have some minor small amazonites from
this area for sale . I also have some small amazonite from an old 1993 dig for sale too.
I am pleased to present this ( above )  picture of the hybrid amethyst from
the  Jan. 14th "Insane Clown Posse " machine dig . This specimen has been
named " The Royal Crown " ( SOLD ! ) . My specialty is providing museum
quality specimens wholesale to the trade  in the ten to twenty thousand dollar
Here's the view heading West on Speedway blvd in downtown area . The view of
the irregular mountain peaks are markedly different from what I am used to .
Today the temperature was a high of 80 degrees with a skin withering humidity of
only 6 % ! While back home in Georgia saw ice , rain , and cloudy and windy skies
, the sunset here saw very mild conditions
One of the cool things we saw was a dark room with
fluorescent minerals under blacklight ( minerals from Sterling
Hill  , N.J. )
Clarion hotel gem show. Also good is " El Charro" on Speedway  , and " El
Paso barbeque company " on Broadway for great steaks . I ate Chinese food
3 times and at every different place it was not as good as here in the ATL .  
"La Salsa " on corner of Speedway and Wilmot was so good that I ate there
maybe 5 times .Tips and tricks :  Be careful , because I had a guy tell me I
gave him a five instead of a ten dollar bill .  When he opened up the drawer ,
there wasn't even any 5's in the till !     At the Inn Suites ,  I asked a price on
a fossil plate and was told $150 .  I usually dress like a bum , with old clothes
and a t-shirt , but this day  i was wearing a decent shirt and " ROCKING THE
TOOTH" ( which means : wearing a blue tooth ear piece ).  My friend came
along and asked a price and was told $35 !  That's a heck of a drop in price
and the only difference was that my friend was just wearing a t-shirt . I met a
lot of nice and neat folks ! I was especially impressed with the Collectors
edge folks that worked the ballroom at the Smuggler's , and with Foster
Hallman and " D" . I met another person that I thought was pretty cool , but I
am betting he doesn't want his name on the internet ( you know who you are
and thanks for the side view truck mirror ) .   More rants and raves to come
soon !My friend Mike , and  also Michelle and Monte , both flew in to see the
sights and help out .   I hired a limo for the day to celebrate the sale of one of
the museum pieces . Here's a pic of Mike and I in front of our ride for the day