Stone Dice Page: Dice Collector Heaven!
We dig a lot of rough lapidary material and we have all
sorts of things carved out of it: stone guitar picks,
animal carvings and even stone dice.  This page was
made to share photos of some of the stone dice made
out of the material that I have dug.
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Below is a dice cut from carnelian agate that I dug in Paint Rock Valley near Huntsville, Alabama.  
They call it "Strawberry Patch" because it looks like a strawberry covered with seeds. Next we
have a quartz crystal dice with interior rainbow and to the right of it - Rutilated quartz
Below are some dice made from Kentucky Agate.
Below is several different dice made from petrified wood that I dug up in Tilden, Texas.
Below is several different dice made from Rainbow petrified wood that I dug up in Holbrook, Arizona.
Below are stone dice carved from Petrified Palm Wood from Louisiana. Palm wood has tubes that run lengthwise up the tree to transport water up
and nutrients down from the leaves. When you cut across the grain it appears as dots & when you cut with the grain the tubes appears as streaks
or tubes! This feature is preserved in what is now solid stone!
Below is Rutilated Quartz Dice
Below left: Hogg Mine Star Rose Quartz
About an hour North of Mobile, Alabama is a locality that has "Amethystine Agate" or "Amethyst Agate".  
It's  also called by some, "Bacon Agate" because it is in thin seams and the cut slabs look like slices of
bacon.  Purple bacon - haha! Rarely you wil find a pure purple color but more often a pale purple with
white clouds or swirls.  In addition to purple there is also some carnelian and other colors there. I've
added 2 guitar picks - amethyst and a black/yellow - to show how other items look when made from the
material and to show the black & yellow which I never made dice out of.  All of the agate there has a white
outer rind. The seams are so thin that they almost are too thin to make the dice - note how some of the
dice have a side that is white.  If you see a piece with white on both sides it means it was almost too thin
to make that particular dice!
alabama seam agate carved into a guitar pick
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Below is three different kinds of Blood Stone Dice
Occasionally I will have stone dice made from material that I have bought, like blood stone, and Lapis
Lazuli but most of them are made from material that I have dug myself, like Texas Petrified Wood, Texas
Agate, Alabama Paint Rock Agate, and even Amethyst that I dug at JXR when I owned the mine. Below
is dice carved from Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Crystals.
These stone dice are made from agate that I dug in Alpine, Texas at the Ritchie Ranch. I
wrote an article about digging this agate that was published in Rock and Gem magazine.
The above photos show the agate from South Alabama. Below you'll see a completely different type of agate locally known as
"Paint Rock Agate".  It is found in Northern Alabama and just across the line in Southern Tennessee.
Below we see stone dice made from quartz crystal that has needles of actinolite crystals as inclusions!
Below we see two different pairs of stone dice carved from Arizona
Rainbow petrified wood. These are exceptionally beautiful.
Below is some fine examples of stone dice made from Rutilated Quartz from Brazil.
Here we see some dice cut from "Tourmalinated Quartz". This is quartz that has tourmaline
needle crystals inside as inclusions. In some photos it is beside a regular rutilated quartz.
The photos are from where I sold a mixed set.
Below is more Texas Petrified Wood Carved into dice.
Here we have some Brazilian  amethyst crystal dice.
The two on the right is
cut from Brandberg Amethyst.
Below we have dice carved from Botswana-agate
Below is stone dice cut from Austrialian Chrysoprase.
Below is a pair of stone dice cut from
Turritella agate. This is fossil snail
shell material and you can see the
fossil snail shells in it!
Below is one of the only two synthetic materials on this page (all the rest is completely natural stone materials). This is fiber optic dice
and it conducts light and also images.  When you hold the dice you can see the dots on the surface and also see a ghostly image of
the dot that is on the other side. The ghost image appears to be on the same surface as the real dots! When you set the dice down
over printed text or drawings, the drawing is transmitted to the surface.  Make no mistake, you are not simply seeing the image by
looking through it like glass, but instead, the transmitted image appears to be on the outer top surface of the dice!!
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admonition that you get a pair and not
a whole handful. You'd be surprised.
Synthetic Goldstone dice.
Here is a very unique type of dice that I had made from Malachite. It makes for beautiful dice but the raw material is costly.
I also had a few kinds of Lapis  Lazuli dice made.