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Time period ; May 2006.  A couple of months ago , Lawrence " Larry " Bull and  three of his friends came down from Boston , Mass .   to visit my places.  
This was their second year to visit .     They spent one day at Jackson's crossroads digging amethyst crystals.  Three of the guys results varied from
finding very little , to doing okay .   Larry , however , hit an extremely nice vug in one of the many large surface boulders.   I came out there that day and
saw it and the one  amethyst crystal is extremely nice , maybe worth  $1000.00 or so  and would cut one nice stone .  Larry emailed me with pictures .  It
is a good clear and focused picture but the glorious colour is not accurately represented . I have personally laid eyes on the single and it is a killer !  The
above specimens were collected in one day by breaking boulders .  Larry paid $25 lousy bucks to get in  , and did quite well for his self.   You may be
wondering if you can expect to do as well .      Probably not !   You gotta be smart and strong and have the right tools and be willing to work .   There just
ain't too many folks like that !  I have seen folks just come in and get lucky .  Are you feeling lucky ? Call me at 404-975-8005 & I will hook you up .
Pictured  here is a closer view of the gemmy single .  It is much prettier and colourful in real life !            I sent some star rose quartz from the hogg mine  
off to China to have spheres and carved animals made . While these have not come back yet , I did get a shipment of star rose quartz cabs in . By
shipping quantities overseas I can  have these cut cheaply and turn around and sell them at a good reasonable price.  I hope to add some to my ebay
store soon , but you can always email me or meet me at one of the digs .  Small 8 x 12 mm stones are only $10 .  I sell these mounted in sterling silver as
pendents for $15 and really cool rings for only $20 !  The larger stones are not much more .  They all star and have a peculiar glowing schiller effect .      
   Monday I had some folks running equipment at Stone Temple .   There is fresh dirt ready to be searched.    I will be doing some digging out there over
the weekend .  At the end of the month I am gonna grade the area flat and it will be closed and for sale.  Land for sale : The current asking price is
$29,000.00  for 6 acres in Abbeville county South Carolina and about a 1/2 mile from Lake Secession .Saturday , May 06 machine dig : $40 per person
for the day .  I plan on starting at Hall's Farm that morning and then going to Stone Temple after we eat lunch  . We'll meet that morning in Calhoun Falls  
 ........everyone that plans on going , be sure to stay in touch because I will be doing work on friday and it may be that I change plans on where i start
Saturday ...........maybe a new place all togethor !   
Jim Olson and friends visited the Lagrange Clear Crystal mine in Lagrange this past Saturday .  see the report : click here          Here's Jim's report :Hey
Jim Olson and friends visited the Lagrange Clear Crystal mine in Lagrange this past Saturday .  see the report : click here          Here's Jim's report :Hey
rains realy washed up some very nice material. Two big pockets were found towards the end of the day that were still producing when we left. The next
crew to show up there should do extremely well.We had 2 grills set up hamburgers, hot dogs, brauts and corn on the cobb. Everyone chowed down and
crew to show up there should do extremely well.We had 2 grills set up hamburgers, hot dogs, brauts and corn on the cobb. Everyone chowed down and
we still had left overs.  This was the first time for all but 3 of us at one of your sites and most everyone was saying "when can we do this again" I handed
out my business cards (as I do not have any of yours) and told everyone to look for the links to Dixie U on all of the digs pages. So, I suspect you are
going to get several new visitors.Robert and I, and several of the diggers from today are hoping that we can dig at the Hogg mine next Saturday if that is
cool with you. If you have people wanting to head that way, let us know.  We would be willing to host the dig and bring the grills and food and show people
what to look for in trade for our entry fee - kinda like a machine dig without the machine. Dixie U allumni out to make sure everyone has a great time.
Either way - Robert and I and maybe a few others would like to hit the Hogg mine next Saturday.  _ Jim Olson  This just goes to show that the lagrange
clear crystal mine is still producing .  Jim will most likely send pix soon , I'll post one picture then link to his website once he has time to complete it.    Jim's
friend Clyde visited the Hogg Mine with him some months ago and he posted a webpage with specimen pictures . CLICK HERE  to see the Hogg mine
specimens .           I am updating the site and adding pictures . Keep  checking back and hit your " refresh" button for the latest version of this page.  
Check out this graves mountain rock collecting   video :
Pete Mailman stopped by the other day and showed off his .33 ct faceted  HOGG MINE aquamarine. It was very
nice , eyeclean , and a deep sky blue ( especially considering it's small size ---- generally speaking , the
smaller the stone the lessor the color ) . Photo by J.Don  under a rainy bleary sky :  Here is another picture by
at 404-975-8005 to book your trip !   The above picture by Mike T. showing a monster beryl crytsal frozen in
next ---backhoe $40 for the day . Mike Touhy emailed me some pictures and had this to say about the latest
next ---backhoe $40 for the day . Mike Touhy emailed me some pictures and had this to say about the latest
Hogg mine dig "Rodney: I have attached a couple of shots of that first monster blue beryl you exposed at the
beginning of the dig.  I enjoyed the whole experience.  When I left, I was not sure whether or not I had gotten
$125 worth of material, but I knew I had gotten $1000 worth of opportunity.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  
Now that I've had some time to take a hose and a brush to my harvest, I'm satisfied I did better than break
even.  That ugly hunk of rose quartz yard rock that Mr. Jackson's wife made him take back to the pit turned out
to have a blue beryl embedded in it.  I was only kidding when I told him to load it on my truck but I'm glad he
did.  Thanks for making this available. - Mike Tuohy"My Verizon wireless cell phone service ( 404 )   currently
features the ringback tone "Where The Soul Meets Body" . For complete lyrics clique up on this :   A while back I had the song " Ten Thousand Fists in the
Air " by DISTURBED on there , but this scared young folks and confused old folks .   This was followed by
"Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright. I'll be configuring the ringback tone to play a random selection soon . Who
knows , you may hear " Baby Got Back " next ! When you dream , do you dream in colour ?   I do .    When you
close your eyes , what do you see ?  Sometimes , when I close my eyes , I see visions of crystals underground
, jutting this way and that and patiently waiting  ---and they are NEEDFUL THINGS . I am convinced on the
inside that this is true , and if you come hang with me some so will you .     I got in the  shipment of the Hogg
Mine Issue of Rocks and Minerals and it is incredible . If you are a fan of the Hogg mine then you have to have
this issue. I will have these with me Friday and Saturday for sale  ---$8--- as well as in my ebay store (  ) .
I was told last night that the March issue of the mineral newsletter titled "The Mineral News " had some very
interesting things to say about my JXR Tucson display , and in particular , about the " Royal Crown " specimen that
was displayed and then subsequently sold to a private collector. I hope to have excerpts up soon .   The May issue
of The lapidary Journal has an article about Jackson's Crossroads amethyst that was written by Jim Blees.         Jim
first visited jxr and spent several days with Terry ledford and I on a tract which at that time we jointly owned.    Jim
chose not to write about that visit  --- I geuss he just forgot my hospitality .  That's just how folks will do you when
you do them a favor.  At any rate , a photo was included in the article of a specimen that is owned by me and was
photographed by Jeff Scovil.    This is a superb extremely large cluster that was dug by me and  Don Brockway in
the third vertical tube pocket --- I think it was the day after christmas  2004.   I was not happy with the photograph
and chose not to display it here at the time I recvd. the slide and cd.   I have a high criteria for images that are
displayed here.  That is as it should be since you the reader , and the specimens themselves,  deserve it !     Since
the photgraph was published in the lap Journal in an article I will display the image here for informational purposes
in regards to the article .  Again , this picture doesn't do  justice to the piece.    Please keep in mind that the above
picture is a copyrighted image . While I commisioned to have the portrait made and thusly have license to display
the image on any type media I choose  , it should be noted that the copyright is owned by Jeff Scovil and he is
serious about copyright infringement , therefore , do not copy this image without his consent.  
georgia amethyst photo by jeff scovil
Mike Touhy and five of his friends visited the Hogg mine yesterday ( Saturday
April 15 , 2006 ) .  After listening carefully Mike and his crew went to an area that
I advised him would yeild nice beryl crystals if they were willing to work and dig.
Here is a picture of a beryl crystal fresh out of the virgin area ---- this was not in
tailings piles but in the new hole that I have open up and will rip asunder shortly .
Mike Touhy emails this about the dig :Rodney: We had a great day at the mine.  
It was just as you said.  We all found some beryl, including some respectable
pieces, not gemmy but distinctly blue (see attached photo).  We only had 6 show
up (including me) but I'd like to try again some weekend when more can make it.  
The owner  came by and was very accomodating.   Thanks for making this would
be a last minute thing for me but I have been spreading the word.  How much
notice do you need for that one? - Call now to book your trip  404-975-8005  
you now !   "Force x Distance = Energy " Thats Dixie U !  We rock Strong and
Long  ( you better ask some body ) . I'd like to give a shout out to all my homies
scattered here and there , and to all you player haters too !    Now that I got that
out of my system ..................and on  a more sensible note ..............there's a
new message board on the net . Like all new message boards , it's a slow start
that may or not turn into something big . Here's the link :  As an aside , (Yeah , I can use the
word " HOMIES" and the phrase " as an aside" fairly smoothly and in the same
paragraph )  Bob's Rock net mesg board is back up but , the lights are on and
nobody is home . This used to be a great board .  Now it is not.      
Information release coming soon on  other hot properties soon to be added so keep
checking back .  I will be adding new stuff later today to my ebay store  so be sure to check it out.   I'll be adding some
interesting links later today or tomorrow.    Antreville MACHINE DIG :Here's the report
on last weekends Machine dig.
I started  a respectfull distance from the cemetary gates ( has anyone ever heard that song "
CEMETARY GATES " by PANTERA ? ) . It was cold and rainy at the start of the day . But it heated
up pretty quickly and the day turned out pretty decent. I took the backhoe and started making and
I lean with it , and sometimes I rock it so hard I damn near burst a spleen with it !   One lady found
a really nicely colored double terminated amethyst crystal  Several peeps found crystals , too or
Heather " I forget which  Steve Barr found a big crystal that was of low quality.   These are called
"Honkers" .  Steve was nice enough to give it to one of the children that was there digging.  I just
want to say "THANKS STEVE ".Steves "honker": At one point I had some help on the machine .
Here's a picture of Dalton working the controls . I was really surprised how fast he picked up the
basics .  I had always read that with the kids playing video games they do well at running
equipment because they are used to operating hand controls Here's a picture of Dalton's mom ,
Sheila :   Here's a picture of a pocket that was found by Marie and dug by Don and Marie .  It filled
up Maries hat !Mister  came out and showed one of my friends a cut stone that he had cut from
amethyst from his place : He also showed some civil war buttons and a "love Knot"  that he found '
on his property '  using a metal detector :  report pictures supplied by Bill " Wild Bill from
Fayetteville " Mitcham  , thanks Bill !  will be open for a limited time and is scheduled to close in
October per the owner's request . If you'd like a chance to visit and hunt amethyst crystals , give
me a call , it is only $15 per day and there is the nearby Stone Temple and Diamond Hill
properties nearby also .
Daltons mom: sheila
amethyst from a pocket at halls farm
cut amethyst from halls farm
love knot  relics
steve barrs  honker crystal that he found and gave away
unnamed couple is sandy and romin