September 15 , 2010
Breaking News for Jacksons’ Crossroads Amethyst crystal pay to dig fee mine , Hogg Mine star rose
quartz, tourmaline , Aquamarine , and a few other pay to dig crystal mines as well , updated SEPT.  23
2005 Late edition .
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the latest scoops on notable producing locales– ones where YOU , for a low fee , can go dig and
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Jack "buzzsaw" Wheat will probably be out at JXR this weekend with his demolition saw . Jack has
been good in the past about sawing folks matrix specimens down to a nice display size ----- RIGHT
THERE ON THE LOCATION ! Open  amethyst dig Saturday and Sunday at JXR .  If you know where the
place is at , feel free to just drop in  this Saturday and Sunday only  ,  $25 to dig on the original JXR
Moore tract . Most of the water has dried up in the front hole and the rock is starting to crack after
being exposed to the weather . There are also big tailings piles and the surface is littered with  big
boulders to break.

I'll be working in the back on the Ledford - Moore tract with a big machine . This is off limits save for
the elite few that recieved an invite and that have paid additional monies . If you have attended a
machine dig in the past , you probably qualify to attend this weekends event . The number to call over
this weekend is the "AMETHYST CONNECTION  @ 404 - " . Machine dig at jxr , Saturday September 24 .
This is by invitation only .
I went Monday , Sept. 19  to the lagrange clear crystal mine . I moved a lot of dirt around . I also
cleaned out the hole and exposed crystal viens in the walls . Good big clear crystals ! Collecting at this
location is better than it has been in many months . This same day I also went to the Hogg mine . I did
more work in the rose quartz pit. You will not believe all the good rose quartz just lying around. I also
went to the dumps area and spread the old piles over a flat area and then dug into the bank to get
fresh dirt. There is beryl in these dumps , green , yellow , blue , and sometimes gemmy aquamarine.  I
also dug up more quartz boulders that have tourmaline in them , in the tourmaline area . Anyone
wanting to set up a collecting trip just call me at 404 -  . And as usual , new material put up for bid on
ebay :  
Some folks bought the tract adjacent to my jxr property and the Ledford - Moore tract , and I
understand they have been doing some digging  over this weekend. I may resume digging at jxr this
coming weekend myself. Anyone interested in visiting JXR to dig for amethyst , just give me a shout
and I'll hook you up . A lot of folks plan on attending the upcoming Oct. 7 , 8 , 9 , three day open dig at
nearby Graves Mountain . I hope to have lots of fresh dirt moved around at Jackson's Crossroads ,
because I know a lot of folks making the trip like to visit several places and may wish to come dig for
amethyst . Graves mountain is  located about 30 miles by road to JXR
georgia amethyst
mike watkins cut this georgia amethyst
Killer faceted georgia amethyst cut by Jerry Call
I just got in a new batch of Jackson's Crossroads amethyst that I sent to Mike Watkins to facet . Here is a picture of
a  flawless14 carat stone with incredible color. Jerry Call cut the ones on the right. Just a reminder that anyone that
wants to schedule a trip to JXR to hunt for amethyst should give me a call . It's only $25 to visit !  

Here's a super gemmy , glorious glowing piece of star rose quartz that was found at the Hogg Mine Saturday . It's
for sale with a starting bid of only three measly dollars , and the auction expires in a day or two . Check it out here :
( sold )  
Here's  a picture of a faceted JXR amethyst set in a ring.It was cut
from a stone that was found by Carl Rogers "Stone was set by
Skip Colflesh of the Jewelers Bench in Hershey, PA".
Here's a email I recieved today from a first time visitor to the Hogg Mine last Saturday :Rodney, I would like to thank you for this past Saturday, the kids,
and I had a great time.  This was the first time I have taken my family on
a rock hunt and they are now officially hooked.  We had one heck of a good
time.  I have found a lot of rose quartz in my time, however none have
quite the quality we found at your location.  Thank You!

I would also like to return this Friday Sep. 16, after knowing what is
around I do not want to wait for Saturday.  I will be only looking the rose
stuff. Please send me a time when you will be open for Friday.

Thanks again

Eric Gano
Columbus, GA.
Machine dig at Jackson's Crossroads Sept .24  for amethyst , call  404- for info .  New items put on ebay today and tomorrow  including Hogg mine material and JXR amethyst . I had a huge trackhoe in the main pit at the Hogg mine  yesterday
( Saturday Sept. 09 ) . Incredible large chunks of gemmy flawless fracture free , good coloured rock ! The next weekend will be the best chance in a long
while to get good rose quartz EASY ! 404- to set up your visit for Friday or Saturday  , $35 per person .   Saturday Sept. 03 's visitors were Joe Ellis from
Alpharetta , Georgia   and Jason Curtis of Lutz, Florida  and regular digger David Blount . Fieldtrip leader was Monte Mcgee .  Lots of beryl , tourmaline
and rose quartz recovered. Monte says everyone got good material from the new strike of the good colored gemmy rose . Monte asked Mr. Ellis if he
would make a qoute for this web page :Mr. Ellis said "It's a great site, there's a little of everything here. You definitely won't come back empty-handed no
matter what. " He said he was the pres. of a customer service research co and he gave the Hogg highest complements. Dan Mays of Cobb county, Ga.
and Marlow and Doug Gilbert of Lutz , Florida attended the Hogg today . Both  parties called to tell me their trip went very well and much of the new strike
of gemmy pink star rose quartz continued.  Anyone wanting to book a trip to the Hogg mine , call 404- .    I took a backhoe into the old main pit today  (
Thursday , Sept. 01 ) . The main pit has trees growing in it that are up to 20 years old . It took about 20 years for enough soil to wash in that would
support tree growth  .  It was no time at all , after prying up a boulders , that I hit a huge seem of good pink gemmy star rose quartz.   I got more in one
hour than I have in the last 2 months combined ! This was big softball sized chunks with great pink color . I got in so late and the sun was setting, so no
pix yet. One couple that was visiting from South Florida really lucked up , as they got an entire 5 gallon bucket of the gemmy rose quartz. Don Henderson
and Bob Madden were there and they got a good bit of this too. I left  a big amount on the surface and boulders too .  About 5 diggers have signed up for
Friday and only a couple for Saturday . I fully expect there to be plenty of rose quartz from this hit to last over the weekend - although the folks that get
there saturday should not expect any material to be lying on the surface , I dug such a huge amount that the loose material should have plenty of gemmy
rose  , and if you dig just a little bit you'll hit the seam  where I left off with the machine .  I don't get excited by a whole lot , but I was thrilled to see a vast
amount of pink material -- good , select , CHOICE material -- roll out when the bucket hit it .  Call 404-975-8005 to schedule your trip .            Jackson's
Crossroads land for sale. This land now reported to be under contract.  Yep , that's right , 21 acres of land that border my jxr holding  - $84,000.00, and
also border the ledford-moore tract . This property line is 50 feet away from all the good amethyst I have been digging . I don't know if any amethyst is on
this tract . I would rather have a rockhound for a neighbor instead of deer hunters or who knows what else. I am not too worried about competition as I am
confident that with my 20 years of digging experiance in that area  that no one can operate as effectively and efficiently as I do . A smaller ten acre tract
may be had , but you'll pay out the yang for it . It was listed with a realty company that advertises to deer hunters this past Monday and a sale may not be
too far away .   
I did some digging Saturday , Aug. 27 and here is the results :   I started off the morning by opening up the tourmaline hole . As soon as I
collected a few nice specimensI turned the hole over to the visiting diggers . Glen Williams from Augusta and Nancey Seavers from same , did well
I am told . I don't know about the other folks.  If you and your club want to come dig , email me .     Next , I took a break and showed off what the
star rose quartz looks like when cabbed  and on a mirror ( above ). .  I worked a machine in the back , and found a good bit of various kinds of
beryl , including this nice aquamarine crystal  below:
This was  crystal ( shown left ) expertly extracted by
Thomas Davis , Dr. Bob Madden , and Don
Henderson , who helped me work the hole some . I am
just cool like that , the regular folks who come dig with
me a lot , I often press them into service when the
crystals get thick !
One of the guys that got to get in the hole for a bit ,
Lawrence Davis  , retrieved these aqua's out of the
core  Shown lower right. Note the blood on his hands
and on the crystals
With that sharp fractured quartz ,
almost everyone gets at least one
small scratch !