Recently a friend bought the above Graves Mountain Rutile specimen for
$250 .  It had 2 rutile crystals showing and I told the buyer that cleaning
may expose more crystals .   He brought the specimen to my house today (
06-05-04 ) and it was wrapped in a towel .  He handed it to me carefully
and unfolded the towel to expose the crystals .   I said they were pretty nice
, and then he told me to turn the specimen over .  When I did I almost
dropped it !  There were many rutiles that ran all across the back side ,
perfect and shiney  !    Wow !  Talk about getting a bargain !   And several
people passed this by for $250 !  Pictured below is the specimen after
cleaning revealed the once hidden crystals.   The same day I sold this a
fellow paid $450 for a bigger  and better one .  I wonder what that cleaning
will reveal ?