Red Phantom  quartz crystal :
Serenje, Zambia
Page created July 4, 2017
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This quartz crystal is from Serenje, Zambia. These have red phantoms due to
Hematite inclusions. These are similar to Orange River crystals but are better
in my opinion! The first ten photos are all of the same crystal and show
multiple fews of the three dimensional red phantom inside!
The phantoms are hematite and
when you look at it with a loupe
you see that the hematite is round
spheres or globules.
The red phantom in this quartz crystal is 3 dimensional and the phantom
has a different habit (shape) than the outer crystal  faces. The photo
below demonstrates that. For a super size photo, just click on the
smaller version on the right because the one below does not expand.
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phantom quartz crystals for sale at our
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