Breaking News for Jacksons’ Crossroads Amethyst crystal pay to dig fee mine , Hogg
Mine star rose quartz, tourmaline , Aquamarine , and a few other pay to dig crystal
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notable producing locales– ones where YOU , for a low fee , can go dig and collect
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machine digs , a photo gallery and more. I spoke with Chester Karwoski today about
the past weekends machine dig at Diamond Hill . Chet says that a weathered 8 pound
amethyst crystal was found in one of the old tailings pile. He says that while they did
not encounter any visible amethyst they DID encounter some spectacular SMOKY
QUARTZ . These are supposedly exceptional specimens that are very sharp and
PAST . I'll try to get some pictures up soon . Collecting conditions at Diamond Hill are
very good due to the recent machine work. Drop me a line or call xxxxxxxx  if you want
to schedule a trip .   There WAS some amethsyt dug in South Carolina  at another
location ,with machinery, Friday . I'll try to post a full report on this later , maybe even
with pictures !         This past Saturday I did some digging in Carrollton and hit a nice
open pocket with good quartz crystals.   Folks that do not subscribe to the magazine "
Rock and Gem " may want to get a copy of the just released December 2005 issue ,
which features an article about Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst . This article was
written and submitted over a year and a half ago .         That's not the only magazine to
have a JXR article in it's November-December issue . It's not yet on news stands ,
so.................. more on this later.          I'll probably be having a machine dig at the
lagrange clear crystal mine , not this weekend but next ...............$40 a person to attend
while the machine is running .      I have just gotten in a faceted aquamarine from the
Hogg mine which I am going to put up for sale . It will be a day or two before I get the
pictures up , but feel free to email me for details . I did some trading and bought back
some rutile that I dug several years ago and I'll put this up for sale too ,and hopefully
some cool pix.  

New !  Updated report :  A report from Keith Phagan who visited the lagrange Clear
crystal mine:We had a GREAT time Tiara [my daughter] had a ball. I started digging in
the seam on the left side and we hit a pocket of the big ones[the size of coke cans].
We found 4 that big and a lot just a little bit smaller.We ended up with about a 4 gal.
bucket of crystals and another one full of just rocks. [Tiara believes that all rocks are
good rocks]. She is going to take some pictures of the bigger ones and email them to
you. Again THANK YOU for letting us dig. Tiara can't wait to go digging again.  Thanks  
Keith Phagan :}  Tiara reports in with photo's:Hello!  This is Tiara, Keith Phagan's
daughter.  I took several pictures.  Dad was so excited that you put him on your
website.  We really had a lot of fun!  It made being sore worth it. ;-)  Plus the students
in my class were really amazed at the crystals.  Many had never seen a real one that
big and several had never seen a real crystal.  I really was thrilled to find the big
crystals!  I had a great time finding the smaller pieces and rocks (and yes, I've never
seen a bad rock :-)), and it was so neat to find the pocket.  Dad pointed out that the
tips faced us as we dug when we found a several fractured ones, but when the tips
faced the other way, we found the biggest ones.  That was neat.  Anyway, it was a lot of
fun.  I appreciate you letting us go.  Here are some of the pictures.
Quartz crystals from Lagrange Georgia
New faceted Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst from the R. A. Moore
prospect in from cutter Jerry Call . See something you like ? Email
faceted Georgia amethyst cut by Jerry Call
jackson's crossroads amethyst cut stone
Just in from cutter Mike Watkins , a 46 carat Jacksons
Crossroads Amethyst from the r. a . moore prospect and
below it a 2.75 carat beauty ! Note the attractive color
zoning in the smaller stone .  Viewing the stone " face up
" this is not noticeable as the color is bounced around
and spread out .
Here's  a email just in from a recent  jxr pay to dig visitor
from Wisconsin :Rodney, I wanted to thank you for a
couple of outstanding mineral collecting adventures in
Georgia.  I was thrilled to travel and in one trip find facet
and specimen grade Aquamarine, Rose quartz and
Amethyst!  I had great luck at JXR with multiple floaters
from a seam in a large boulder and two “Gwindle” clusters.
 At the Hogg I was pulling chunk after chunk of fist and
larger sized “Pink Ice” out of the Rose quartz core I was
just awestruck by the size and quality. Recovering the
Rose quartz was like working a jigsaw puzzle in reverse
with a block of fracture free rose quartz as a prize every
couple of minutes!  The collecting was so good I had to fly
back down for a second weekend at the Hogg.  I will relish
those memories for the rest of my life, Thank you!    Russ
P. Fulwiler
Found by Russ Fulwiler
Also ,please note that not every visitor finds awesome
specimens. Pictures displayed here are ' best of the best "
from visitors. If you are strong,smart,willing to work, and have
the proper tools , you'll do well at any of my locations. If you
don't have much of these qualities
..........well....................maybe you'll get lucky and find
something the rain washed up . Or maybe not.  Special
exception to this : The Hogg Mine is littered with good rose
quartz. You would have to be extremely impaired not to find
good rose quartz .
One fellow who met me by responding to a
Lapidary Journal ad , Russ and Kathy Fulwiler ,
flew back to Ga. from their home in Wisconsin for
a return visit .   The couple visited the Hogg mine
first. Russ reports finding a new seam of large
gemmy rose quartz.  Here's a picturebelow:
Not to be outdone , Kathy found
a small piece of extremely blue
and flawless aquamarine facet
aquamarine facet rough from the hogg mine
 Pictured above is a 1 inch sphere of
rose quartz from the Hogg mine .
Sphere work done by Jerry Call .  
While this particular piece didn't have
a good star in reflected light, in
transmitted light it is phenomenal and
much sharper than in the picture  
Star rose quartz sphere from the Hogg Mine
Below is a amethyst that was faceted
by Robert Drummond . He has a cool
website , heres a link :
faceted georgia amethyst
  stone on left : No. 990: CC Triangle Split Barion: 25.03
ct., VVS, 17.7 x 17.7 x 15.3 mm, $569.25 faceted by
Robert Drummond Sold Shown here is a gorgeous,
medium-depth, amethyst from a small amethyst mine
located at Jackson's Crossroads, Georgia. This locality
has been know for many years, but has only recently
been mined on a commercial basis. Amethyst of
excellent clarity and color is now available from this
Georgia deposit. The amethyst gemstone shown above
has excellent clarity, excellent scintillation, and is
expertly crafted. The polish, proportions, and symmetry
are all very fine. The stone is slightly color-zoned,
showing a slight shift from light to darker shades of
purple as the gem is rotated. For a stone of this size, I
believe the depth of color is perfect; neither too dark for
the subdue lighting conditions in a party setting, nor too
light to dazzle in full sunlight. This gem is too large for a
ringstone or pin, but would look beautiful in a large
pendant, or on a collector's shelf.   
I'm sad to report that during the week I
had my water pump stolen from JXR .
This huge pump ,which could pump
16,000 gallons of water per hour , cost
me about $600.00 for just the body (no
hoses ) . Who ever took it will probably
get no more than $50 for it from  a
pawnshop . And , of course , I'll be
checking the local pawnshops.
Looking to buy Jackson's Crossroads
amethyst ? Or, perhaps some gemmy
star rose quartz ?  I sell these and
more , just email me from the contact