Ivey Farm / JXR  pay to dig amethyst site updated October 19 ,2004 .    last week I posted a "fresh dirt alert " on
Ivey farm .  Some folks thought it a good idea to check it out and here is the results :
click here       Soon I will
be digging at jxr with a big machine . opportunites exist to attend the event . Interested ? INQUIRE .              NEW !  
NEW !  NEW ! New pictures posted  from the jxr Sept. 25 dig .  link is to a web page by "helen" who has been
digging rocks for about two months now .   See how well she did : http://onyxhollow.com/html/jxr_2.php               
Recent activity  at JXR , Sept. 25 ,26, 27 : http://imageevent.com/davet/jacksoncrossroadsgeorgia             Recent
major strike at JXR of dark gemmy facet grade amethyst, clique this link for a e-bay ad of one I dug up a few days
ago ( be sure to super size or click to enlarge each picture ) :
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=2273703382&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT        Allright
, If the previous link gave you " goosebumps " , it's time to see a ghost : http://www.dixieeuhedrals.net/          I
talked to Tiffany Mathison ,president of the Carroll County gem and Mineral society .  She reports that  the clubs  
mid-week field trip on Wed. Sept 15  yielded some Incredible specimens of facet grade amethyst .  She was
absolutley thrilled and said that all the attending diggers were very pleased .  A lady from Florida also made a trip
up yesterday .  After the weekend dig I had filled in a hole with a machine  and after I got this done it was about
dark so I got off the machine and never walked over the area to see what was left on the ground.   After Ivan
passes thru you can expect incredible crystalline delights to be right on the surface . I expect the rain to wash up a
lot. If you want to go out there just call to arrange permissions .   A REPORT ON  A  JXR DIG  :  This chronicles the
journey of a beginning rockhound -- " Helen " , as she recounts her third rock hunting trip  ( click link )  
http://onyxhollow.com/images/rocks/jxr_trip3.shtml   , this also gives a good idea of what a novice collector might
find when attending one of my digs .     Recently I did some digging at JXR , and the equipment was provided by
Reliable Rental in Martinez , Georgia .   I want to say a special " thank you "  to the good folks there for providing a
good strong running 4-wheel drive backhoe .   I found some real good stuff so be sure to visit my e-bay store.         
        Sometimes when I dig I let people go thru the tailings piles and let them keep all they find.   The day starts
with a big pile of dirt and the machine dumps material right in front of them straight out of the hole.  Price varies
depending on which location I am at and how big and expensive the machine being used is . The price varies from
$25 to $100 per person per day . If this seems like something you'd be interested in  then e-mail me to get on the
list . Be sure to include your full name, where you live , and tell me a little bit about yourself , especially what rock
hunting background and experiance  you have . Often I am booked up with my main diggers , but sometimes job ,
family or vacation plans prevent them from attending the event , so , I sometime have room for more " tailings pile
diggers " .     09-04-04 -  beginning rockhound "Helen" decides to re-visit Ivey farm to see what the rain washed up
. Here's her story : http://onyxhollow.com/images/rocks/ivey_trip2.shtml      Recent work at ivey farm should make it
very easy for folks to find crystals , especially after a rain .   To read a  report about the recent digging ,click the
link that will take you to a externall site . You'll have to hit your " back " button to return to this page  ............:
http://www.mcrocks.com/images/FTRCarlRogersAugust28,29,2004.html        A lady named Helen contacted me
and wanted to come out to dig on what was to be her first trip .  She did  really well and her son found a fabulous
scepter . Helen designs websites and she also posted a page about her trip . It's worth visitng to read and
especially to see the scepter picture  : http://onyxhollow.com/images/rocks/first-dig.shtml   Not to be outdone ,
Mickey Cecil was there also that day and here is his birds eye view of the crystal gathering frenzy which is typicall
of my events : http://www.thefossilgeode.com/ivey_farm.htm       After all this digging , and now the rain washing up
those crystals , you can expect some fantastic collecting opportunities . I charge $10 a day per person for ivey
farm  and you may keep everything you find. That is a heck of a deal ! The most common question I get is : is Ivey
Farm or JXR open ?  Yes ! They are open 7 days a week . Anyone interested should call or email to arrange a day
to visit . Just about any day will work right now. As fall approaches and interest picks up it may get harder to get a
day .   As cool weather approaches more clubs are calling to schedule a date to come dig . Fieldtrip leaders : Call
to reserve your club a date today .   Yes , both places are going to be open year round .Here in the South , the
weather is good for being outdoors even as late as December. Cool and nippy in the morning but the afternoon
warms up quick .      Anybody looking for a good Ivey Farm enhydro , I just put a good one on auction as well as a
perfect scepter and a monster crystal that weighs over a pound   !          Always good fresh material put up for bid
at my ebay store , be sure to visit for killer jxr and ivey farm amethyst for sale as well as the best in rutile and barite
 :  http://stores.ebay.com/dixieeuhedrals    .        Folks from as far away as Washington State , Virginia , Maryland ,
Illinoise,Alabama,Tennesee,Florida , North and South Carolina ,   e.t.c. have contacted me and made
arrangements to come dig at the farm.      If you want to come dig for amethyst , just call me or e-mail me  
sio2ga@bellsouth.net  and let me know the date you want to come and also how many folks .   I will e-mail  a
release from that can be mailed in to me . If you want to go dig , it can easily be arranged !   got questions ?   Just
call me at xxxxxxxxxx or e-mail me .   be sure to visit my yahoo photo album http://photos.yahoo.com/sio2ga  Be
sure to check back and don't forget to share this site with your freinds !
amethyst crystal dug by rodney moore and sold to Bill Mitcham
Ivey farm mine photo. note the two pumps high and low.