September 15 , 2010
Breaking News for Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst crystal pay to dig fee mine , Hogg Mine star rose quartz, tourmaline ,
Aquamarine , and the Lagrange Clear Crystal mine ( all in Georgia ) and the Diamond Hill quartz prospect in Antreville ,
South Carolina , updated November  28 2005  morning edition     . Wondering where to dig for crystals ? We have just the
thing !  First time visitors are encouraged to add this webpage  ( bookmark ) to your favorites for fast access to the latest
scoops on notable producing locales– ones where YOU , for a low fee , can go dig and collect nice crystals and minerals.
Also , after  browsing the rest of my homemade website visit the slick commercial version for
streaming video of monster machine digs , a photo gallery and more.Be sure to hit your " refresh" button to see the most
recent changes as I update frequently.Here comes the rain ! And with the rain , maybe some amethyst crystals washed up
at jxr . Or , aquamarine at the Hogg. Definitely crystals at the lagrange site will be everywhere on the surface , and at
Diamond Hill too - maybe even amethyst or a bright and shiny smoky ! Call 404-975-8005 to book a trip today . Don't
forget , Monster machine dig at Jackson's crossroads this Saturday - $100 a person and this should be an extremely
good dig .  Look for a all new page for breaking news , late this afternoon .  
I will be having a dig this weekend at jxr friday November 25 , holler at me if you want to come out ( phone 404- ) $25 to
dig in the front  $50 to dig in the back  . I will have a machine dig coming up next week with the big machine saturday
December 03 .  This will be on the joint Ledford-Moore tract that is immediately North of my jxr Holdings . This tract has
been off limits to collectors for some time now . The big machine will run all week and on Saturday we will let folks in for the
day at $100 a person while that big machine runs . Limited availability  and this is pretty much limited to folks that we know
and have dug with us without problem or incident in the past  .   I may be moving a big cat 320 out to the site
semi-permanently . And of course , I am always working on developing and opening up new sites  plus lots of other
projects as well.  Keep checking back as I update frequently . I may even update this site again later tonight , so be sure
to hit your " refresh " button to reveal the latest version of this page . Lots of new amethyst in my ebay store , including a
freshly dug matrix piece from a new area of the mine . Just look for one of the links below .I will be running equipment at jxr
this friday . The fee to attend is $25 to access the tailings piles in the front and I will be moving dirt for about 3 hours. Any
one that wants to enter the back part where I will be digging for amethyst  and have access to the tailings where the
machine is working will be an additional $25 . Thomas and Steve Davis  visited the Hogg  Mine this past Friday . Thomas
hit his self in the hand with a hammer or either the rock jumped and hit him. Steve found a very nice piece of aquamarine .
 I offered him $200 for it but he says he is going to cut a stone for his wife .A while back , Ron and Nancey Seaver decided
to start back mineral collecting after a 30 year break . On the first trip in 3 decades , the each paid $25  bucks to visit JXR
. Nancey found a killer crystal . Months have went by . Nancey came back out to visit and she was wearing a 58 carat
amethyst that she had cut out of her crystal . The jeweler appraised it at $1800.00 but this is just based on $30 carat
standard top gem amethyst . It's actuall value on the open market is estimated at $5000.00  
I had a good visit at the Cobb
County Civic Center. This is a huge
show with lots of good minerals .
The Corrigan Collection Display
looked great . I took some pictures
but they are not the best ( poor
lighting in the civic center ) . Here's
a long shot of the case
I wish my pictures had
turned out better . The
back center matrix piece is
stunning ! Snow white
carpet of clear needle
quartz with a rosette of
ultra gemmy amethyst
crystals.  It took my breath
away as  it was the first
time for me to see it after
being cleaned. It came out
of a one-of-a-kind huge
hollow cavity that was
coated with a very thick
managanese coating .  
The last time I saw this it
was on my kitchen floor
and was totally black .
Here is a closer shot of it.
This is a poor picture of
an exceptionall cluster :
I am pleased to make the following announcement :The smash
hit article titled : "The Jackson’s Crossroads Amethyst
Deposit" , written by Ryan Bowling , Rodney Moore and Terry
Ledford , appears in the 2005 November - December issue of
the Mineralogical Record magazine.The Record , sometimes
shortened to "The MinRec" or just "The Record", is a magazine
well known for it’s extra thick glossy pages and expert color
photography . Sporting a news stand cover price of $15 per
bi-monthly issue , it is money well spent for it’s strict rigid
format of describing new mineral finds or old finds revisited
with beautiful color photography through-out. The record is the
Holy Grail of mineral collectors and is sometime called the
Collectors Bible as it is the final and ultimate word on a mineral
collecting locality and specimens obtained from said
locality.The Jackson’s Crossroads issue follows the same rigid
set rules mandated for all articles that appear in this hallowed
tome . Here is the structure for the article :1.) Introduction2.)
History of locality3.)Collecting ( includes locality map and
incredible professional photos !) 4.)Geology5. ) Conclusions .
Anyone that has spent time collecting at this locality will no
doubt want a copy for it’s amazing specimen photography ,
mostly by Jeff Scovil . For those of you who have yet to visit
the site, it will be mighty hard to resist after reading this article
.This magazine is truly a work of art and is the supreme and
final authority on minerals and mineral collecting localities . It is
unsurpassed for it’s heavy weight paper and glossy close-up
photography . It has been an inspiration to me and before I set
out on my own grand journey into specimen mining , I read the
Record for years and gleaned as much as I could on the
subject. Obviously , I learned a lot before the onset ! For those
of you that have any interest at all in the Jackson’s
Crossroads Amethyst site : YOU NEED THIS ISSUE .And for
those of you that do not subscribe : You are really missing out
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MinRec article is 6 pages with color photos on every page
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