Breaking News page for JXR Georgia amethyst pay to dig site , updated March 16 , 2005 .
Recent work with a trachoe at jxr has exposed a virgin area to hunt for amethyst crystals .  
Lately I have been letting folks dig " in the hole" .   One group of people were out there last
saturday and broke into a good pocket of amethyst crystals.   Be sure to call zzzzzzzzz to set
up a collecting date . See my latest jackson's crossroads amethyst crystal for sale on ebay
here :
MESE:IT In other news , there will be an open dig this Tuesday , March 22  to the new
Lagrange location. This place has plentifull quartz crystals .  After the recent heavy rain
there should be lots of easy collecting .  Admission to theLagrange area only $15 per
person .    JXR AMETHYST : The big rock you see being drilled in the picture below , was
finally broken - --- using bristar !  Bristar is a powder that you mix with water and pour in a
drilled hole in the rock .  It is sometimes called " Chinese Powder" or or expansive
demolition agent .The material reacts and expands very slowly but with such force that it
splits rock . I estimate that the chunk of rock that we split and broke off weighed over
80,000 pounds.  After pouring the material in the hole it took over two days for the bristar to
fully react with enough pressure to break off the rock .  It should be noted that anytime a
sizable rock needs to be broken , call the friendly folks here at Dixie U for a price qoute .
The rock drill pictured below is a newer Pionjar yn 120 and is gas operated and can be taken
anywhere to drill holes .  I currently have it for sale for $3000.00 .      Recent  work with a
huge track hoe  has brought up a big supply of fresh boulders . Collecting is considered
excellant at this time . Call now to set up a collecting date .
Usually this page is reserved strictly for breaking news for the jxr site , but  this page
will cover recent events with an emphasis on a special method of breaking rocks ,
specifically :  the method known as " plugs and feathes " or "shims and feathers".  
To use this device first a bore hole of a certain diameter is bored -- 1 3/8 " . I
personally use a super heavey weight portable gas powered rockdrill --- a atlas -
copco pionjar YN120 . This machine can bore a 3 foot deep hole in the hardest
granite in 3 minutes !   Using the big size wedges requires only one set for a big
boulder , or a couple of sets on a big ten thousand pound rock .  First you insert the
 feathers , these are guides or shoe-horns that have been greased to reduce
friction , followed by inserting the wedge.  you can orient the wedge in the direction
you want the crack to run .  The use of two or three sets gaurantees a straight line
fracture which can prove to be important when trimming a high value matrix piece.  
Upper picture shows the pionjar unit in use and the next picture shows a  single
wedge breaking a small boulder .  I hope to add later some pictures showing a very
large boulder that was split  by using only two wedge sets ( all photos courtesy of
Michelle Matthews )  .