Rodney Moore digging for amethyst crystals at Jackson's Crossroads
This photo below shows me digging at the back portion of the
main original pit at Jackson's Crossroads at my amethyst mine
on one of the rented backhoes I used at the time. This photo
appeared in the Mineralogical Record"s article about Jackson's
Crossroads Amethyst.
Amethyst crystal dug by Rodney Moore June 2004
06-20-04    Soon the  Georgia Mineral Society will have their field trip to jxr . I'll be doing some
work out there soon but no exact date has been set .  email  to book a
visit .     I have some    -- NEW ---   cool jxr amethyst for sale at this link :     Everyone that has visited the jxr dig site has
found at least something good , maybe not amethyst but at least the killer vug linings of
sparkly micro quartz druse .    One guy found a 3 inch killer amethyst while many other folks
have found smaller thumbnails of smokey quartz attached to a druse coated vug lining.          
06-20-04  saw some exploratory work  with a 15000 pound 4 wheel drive cat backhoe .  I had
some suspicion of amethyst in the area, having found some awhile ago of  good facet quality
that I had dug by hand with my road dog  : Mr. Glen Hay .    Back in january when I had an
extra machine i had emplaced a 13,000 pound trackhoe right over the hole pictured above.   I
asked my associate diggers to dig some here while I was busy in the big hole with the big
machine .  They didn't find anything over a day of digging so I had the hole filled.     Someting
bugged me about this and last weekend when the machine was delivered I went straight to the
same spot and commenced to digging . Within a few minutes I found a good crystal and then
with more digging came more xls . Then around noon time I hit a fairly large pocket of killer
gemmy facet grade amethysty of deep colour .  This continued into the second day when I
found a second pocket which was no deeper then 4 foot deep underground !   This is well
within reach of pick and shovel hand digging .  Come Sunday evening it was time to tidy up the
place and get the machine ready for pick up by the good folks at Reliable Rental in Martinez,
Georgia .    A crystal from the dig is pictured at bottom of page.    I found a few that was better
than the one pictured .         Anyone interested in going to the new jxr site should e-mail me for
information                     The new Wilkes Co. pay to dig amethyst site is located in Northwest
Wilkes county , Georgia , between the communities of Rayle and Tignall in an area known as
Jackson's Crossroads ( abbreviated to " JXR" ) .        IN 1920 Tiffanny Jewelers mined for
amethyst near the site  and around 1970 some guys digging a hole to hide moonshine also
made a discovery of amethyst near the area.   In approx. 1988 the area was clearcut logged
and a fellow by the name of Plemmons rambled across the clearing and discovered excellant
gemmy deep purple amethyst.   As the pine thicket grew up , deep in the woods along a
winding path , people dug for the incredible specimens.   Some had permission but most did
not .    As is typicall with hand dug sites , a depth of aprox. 9  feet was reached by those that
dug .   A mere scraping of the surface , but considering it was hand dug it was an amazing feat
of human strength , determination , and perseverance .  In the year 2000 I  was granted  
permission to bring a small machine to dig. As time went on and the property  changed hands I
was able to bring progressively  larger and powerfull equipment to bear  . Although  I graded
the area flat , boulders remain near the surface and just under it . These boulders contain
vugs that are druse lined and some have gemmy deep purple amethyst .  The quality of these
are sometimes of  incredible water clear clarity and of a deep purple colour that is quite unique
.   The quality of these specimens meet or beat any other American amethyst .  The place will
be available on a pay to dig basis , perhaps as soon as this Saturday , May 22 .  $15 per
person , and there will be a 20 pound limit on the amount of material that can be hauled off per
person per day  ( one five gallon bucket of material ) . Anyone interested in going should
e-mail me.  look in the links section and click on the yahoo photo album to see amethyst pix
from this area .