Breaking News for jxr  Jackson's Crossroads amethyst crystal pay to dig site updated
APRIL 13, 2005 .

Late breaking news ! For  killer pictures of 20 different large amethyst from jxr , click this
link :
LINK  First time visitors , be sure to check out the companion site   .  I have just put up for bid another jxr specimen on eBay
and this one has a killer enhydro bubble , check it out by clicking the following link : (
outdated broken link )
Recently I took a trachoe and worked for two straight days.  I rolled over all the old
tailings piles , and moved all the piles in the back that had the dark black amethyst.  Then
, I dug up lots of new material.  Collecting conditions are incredible at this time ! please
call REDACTED to set up a visit .  The absolute most fun you'll ever have for $25 !

One of the nicest characteristics of the jxr amethyst crystals is that the outer surfaces
and faces of the crystals are very bright and shiney , revealing high clarity gemmy
material within . C'mon up to real pleasure at Jackson' Crossroads !  Websites have
proliferated with pictures and pages of jxr material .  For instance , try Google , or your
favorite search engine, to search for " jackson's crossroads amethyst " ( without the " " )
. You'll find pages in France , Italy , Germany  and more--- usuaully the first page of
results lead to pages on the dixie U  website , but page 2 of the results will lead you all
over the world. I saw that the Mineralogical record  and Wright's rock shop have recently
added references .
Lastly , check out this link :  
Amethyst is "plentiful" at jxr  on the surface ( well , slightly under the surface )  .   
Recently  a fellow visited jxr for the first time and spent only a day there .  Since this
fellow was a fairly strong man , willing to work , well equipped with the proper tools , and
experianced in how to break rock and hunt for gems , he did what folks of that
description generally do.   Amethyst is not "scarce " at jxr , but I have to give a
disclaimer that it is not just laying about  , ready to be raked into a collecting bucket . I
don't want out-of-shape folks , with no tools , no experiance , and who are not willing to
dig , to unreasonably expect to make out like a bandit .   BREAKING NEWS : see Mickey
Cecil's report on his trip last monday , here :
FOSSIL GEODE    New photo shows the
huge boulder broken in two ( photo courtesy of Mickey C. )   new "Lagrange crystal dig "
page added here : link removed    Monster dig ---- Machine dig ---- set for jxr on April 9 .  
I'll post more about this later, .   Cost is $100 per person  and is limited to the first 30 folks
BE sure to email me if you want on the list .   For now admission is $25 up untill the
4-9-05 crystal gathering frenzy . Please vist my ebay store  to check out a nice facet grade jxr amethyst  
auction , and also all types of crystals from the united states. I even have a brand new
lagrange quartz crystal up for bid with cool pictures. lastly , dont' forget to check out the
incredible pictures of vanadinite . Picture is on old stock photo , the big rock in the
picture has been ripped asunder ....................
Boulder I split using expansive cement demolition agent - BRISTAR
Digging with Monster Machines
this photo from 01-13-2004 shows the first time heavy equipment was taken to jxr