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Welcome to the amethyst page !  

This page primarily deals with the Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Deposit  that
I  ( Rodney Moore ) purchased and opened : the original site.     This mine is
abbreviated "JXR" and the links for it are located below.

We will be adding other information on amethyst occurences  of Georgia as
well as in other states and countries.  Please check back from time to time as
work progresses and I am able to get this done.
We travel  to the brandberg mining
camp and purchase amethyst crystals
directly from the miners.

Here are some of the  amethyst crystals
I have for sale from Brandberg.
The crystal below is
Stock # 4565
The crystal below is
Stock # 4566
Click any photo to  enlarge.
Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Crystal
This Georgia Amethyst crystal  pictured below is
from Jackon's Crossroads  and is for sale (#4574)
This Georgia amethyst crystal is shown mounted in a perky box
This  deep purple amethyst crystal shows incredible color
The JXR amethyst crystal shown below
is mounted in a perky box.
Stock # 4578
More amethyst pictures lower down on
this page !