Latest news on the Jackson's
Crossroads pay to dig  amethyst
crystal mine updated June 23 , 2005 .
When I dug at Lagrange last weekend
, I save a couple of chunks of pocket
material like what is pictured on right.
14 people allowed in the tailings piles at   the back hole where we will be working , with that
38,000 pound CAT 315 bringing up loads of rock . $100 per person with preference given to folks
that normally attend my machine digs .  If your interested then email me . More details to come . I
may let some folks in the front part for the usuall $25  , migth even move some fresh dirt for them.
Last Saturday , Ron and Nancey Severs came to jxr to collect .  They chose to dig in a virgin area
, and, they hit the jackpot .  Please keep in mind that not everyone finds good material . If you are
 not willing to dig , or sift dirt or what ever , to bang rocks and search  , if you are running low on
luck and short on cash , please stay home .  Or go to one of them gimmick mines that salt the
bags of dirt or chunk material from overseas in the creek and " GAURANTEE " that you'll find
something .      Ron and Nancey wrote:hello rodney,..just to let you know Nancy and I found one
double terminated double about 85 caret, large singe about 125 caret,...four small clusters
2 x 3 inch light to dark color....85 small crystel 3-12 caret.. 2 large smokey clusters,..various small
smokey specimens,..about 20 specimens locked in matrix.....another great day at JXR,.. seems to
me as i watched the others digging most were just moving dirt, not busting up the "clods"'s
there you just have to work for it...we've found something every time we've been there..however
this was just awesome...when I get this cleaned up I'll send you some pictures...but I' think it might
take a while to clean this large pile up...have a great day, let me know if you have some of that
great crystel from lagrange for sale might want a piece or two,..thanks again, Ron & Nancy....KOR

I have just wrapped up the lagrange machine dig.  It was just an outrageous weekend , with an
incredible amount of good material collected. Look for a report and pictures soon.  I do have
chunks of unsearched  pocket material for sale on EBAY , here is the exact link :
MESE%3AIT&rd=1  .
Bill spencer was able to collect a good beer can sized crystal  and he was just there to collect as a
tailings pile digger . Lots of fresh dirt and good digging.  Call xxxxxxx to visit , it's only $15 per
person .JXR was visited by 3 seperate groups from Florida : Valorie and Rick , The Brandon's ,
and the family of Connie and Franklin Frail .   Tenessee was represented by Greg , and a 83 year
old lady  drove down  by herself from Peoria , IL . .  Ron and Nancey Severs from Augusta , Ga.
returned for some digging .   I was told that they hit a pocket  in the virgin area and pulled out
over a hundred small amethyst crystals ! All that fun for only $25 per person per day .    The
following is a  email just in from a first time visitor to JXR .   Please keep in mind that while some
folks find spectacular finds , and some folks find mediocre finds -- but have a whole lotta fun ,
some folks find NOTHING . Please keep this in mind , particularly if you are lazy , running low on
luck or short on cash.  Kay link writes: Hi Rodney,I just wanted you to know that we had a very
nice time "digging" at Jackson Crossroads. We really didn't have dig too much ... we found alot of
little ones on the surface. My cousin found the nicest one which was about 1 1/2" long x 1" wide
and 3/4" high ... here is a picture. Graham (the 11-year old) had a great time.
We may want to try again in the fall or next spring.

Thanks, Kay Link
Following is a email I recieved  today from Jeff , who visited jxr for the first time  and found
will hit a spectacular find of a crystal worth hundreds of dollars .  There is always the
chance you may go home empty handed though  !  Recently I have been putting up
emails I have recieved from various folks who have visit
Jeff writes :   Rodney,
    This is the awesome amethyst I found June 4th. I found this one on top of one of the
tailing piles. A small portion of one of the faces had been exposed. My son Luke and I
found two other smaller amethyst crystals with good color and over 25 other pieces of
crystals/amethysts. Some were found just looking on the surface and some were found by
cracking open small boulders with a sledge hammer. There are plenty of amethysts to find
if you are willing to work. I look forward to coming out again soon. Jeff Francis----- Original
Message ---
Please keep in mind that  sometimes a person will get lucky
rocks. Rarely , will you find something just by sitting on your
ass -- But that has been know to happen too !  ( see the
report here - click on the 5-21 trip report at   ) . Yesterday - June 04 , Jeff
Francis , of Sharpsburg , Georgia , visited JXR for the first
time. Later in the day he found an incredible large , flawless
eye clean facet grade amethyst crystal.   When he showed it
to me I offered him $200 on the spot for it , but he would not
sell it . Now , it was worth more than $200 , I'd say around
$400 , and if it were to be cut it would yield at least a 50
carat stone and a couple of 20 carat kickers.........and these
will have a value , well , let's just say , way up there .  .   I
asked Jeff to email me pictures to post , but not sure if he
will or not ( see above pictures that he emailed in )  . Keep
checking back  for the latest on the locality that has set a
new standard for North American amethyst  !