amethyst scepter from ivey farm
Ivey Farm is well known for its ample production of  amethyst scepters . Over the last
30 years many fine examples of  amethyst scepters has come from the diggings.   
Typically never small and sometimes very large .  Scepters are uncommon and very
rare in Georgia  except for at this location.  

Pictured is a scepter I found April 25, 2004 . It is the typical Ivey farm scepter habit and
what most people expect.   It is a large clear quartz crystal capped with an amethyst  
crystal that is well centered on the stem .  On occasion you'll find the amethyst to be
off-center , or , on the side of the stem and sometimes the cap is  DOUBLE
TERMINATED .  I found a good many of these last week and will post pictures
eventually .  I do have some good examples of these for sale .        

Sometimes when going into a scepter pocket you'll encounter one or two crystals but
often as not you can expect to find 10 or 20 or even more in a single pocket.   The
owner that is leasiing me the property tells of pulling them out one after another "all
day" but as they were digging into the side of the bank , the bank finally caved in .  He  
has showed me the approximate location of this and plans are to dig into this area and
hunker down on that endless scepter pocket !   This will be an occasion of extreme
interest for those rockhounds that like to dig and collect crystal s and are desirous of
getting a passel  of scepter specimens .   Opportunties to dig with me or reserve the
hole are available --please see breaking news section .
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