Ivey Farm pay to dig amethyst site is located in Warrenton , Georgia.    
  I have recently re-opened the place after pumping all the water out
and bringing in some serious machinery .  This place is the best place
( maybe the only place ) for people to reasonably expect to come out
and find amethsyt crystal , their first day  and every day .    Usually If I
am  there I am willing to help !                                                                       
                                                  Lots of clear quartz and lots of scepters !
Most all amethyst that is not scepter is euhedral or double terminated.
 These are mostly big fist size or better .  A lot of the xls are etched or
have a heavy white coating but a lot are nice and some are super.  
About 10 percent of the crystals are enhydro  . That is to say they
have a 2 phase inclusion - a liquid (water) and a gas ( co2 ) . This
means you can tilt the crystal and see the bubble of trapped gas move
around.  This is way cool !        Since running the equipment I have
found a whole bunch of scepters and large crystals . Without a doubt
theese same type things are in teh tailings piles.   Always fresh
material brought up  ! Over the years I have found ,bought and sold
hundreds of pounds of this material .  I still feel a burning desire to dig
more , and the only way possible for me to afford to dig  is to allow
pay-to-dig activities .  If you are a fieldtrip leader ( if not pass it on )
you'll want to book early on this place  .  If you want to get in on the
new/old tailings you'll want to book early .  I will be shortly dragging
up so new material .  I ain't telling when !  But if you've booked a day
and your there I will  proably be nice and bring you a fresh scoop of
material .    I know you are wondering what some of the material looks
like . I will be posting a picture of amethsyt from the site on the page
titled 'Farm pix ' . Please forward this to any fieldtrip leaders or
rockdigging buddies you may have .  Your going to like this place.  For
most people it is going to be the best ever , or , at least the best in a
looooooong time .  Thanks , Rodney
Rodney Moore the new amethyst king