Breaking News for Jacksons’ Crossroads Amethyst crystal pay to dig fee mine , Hogg Mine star
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I hope to add some pictures of the aquamarine crystals I have gotten. Very little
facet grade has come out , but what has been found is perfect flawless and very
blue. The opaque to semi-gemmy  aquamarine is  such deeply blue colored that it
is breathtaking !   I had read about the hogg mine since I was a kid . Recently
Read Miner sent me several Lapidary Journal reprints and my friend Mike
Corrigan gave me an old book that has Hogg mine information in it.  I never heard
about TABULAR AQUAMARINE crystals occurring at the Hogg mine , yet , I have
found 3 examples. These are not just " kinda- sorta - maybe " tabular , but
exagerated freaky tabular ! It could just be a fluke area , but I don't think so .  We
are all familiar with prismatic hexagonal beryl --- if we are cognizant of it or not --.  
Just picture the crystals coming out of  Mt. antero .  But when is the last time , if
ever , that you saw a picture of tabular aquamarine ?     And that isn't the only odd
thing to come out .  I recently read that asteriated ( star ) or cat's eye  ( schiller )
beryl is rare . I had never heard of such coming out of the Hogg , but the material
that was found and sent to the cutter is reported to have a strong definite cat' eye
effect.  I hope to get these back later this week . I am so far behind , and more
digging scheduled , so I don't know when I can get the photo's taken , edited and
posted to the web - but rest assured , it's on it's way
Aug.13 machine dig saw the opening
of the tourmaline area . We hit a area
of good hard quartz enclosing good
solid shiny Tourmaline crystals . Here ,
Jeff " Jeffadillo " Deere from Rome ,
Ga. And Read Miner from Columbia ,
S. C. Show off some of the finds
We hit a area of awesome deep pink star
rose quartz . No pictures of this yet !
This was the nicest I have seen so far . I
even hit one area of facet grade rose
quartz . Super clear material but it
probably doesn’t star though . Later in
the day after lunch , I headed on down to
the main pit to the old workings on the
rose quartz core . I made several test
holes and ripped up lots of rose quartz . I
then went along side the core and hit
some awesome aquamarine crystals .
Lots of small  ½" diameter x 1 inch long
aquamarine crystals and some as big as
coke cans!
Harry Hyaduck shows off some he
trimmed out  by breaking down a
boulder from the core :
I sell JXR amethyst!