august 2005 hogg mine
Logging crews are at the Hogg mine and are removing trees around the old  quartz
core and off of the old aquamarine crystal  dumps , right NOW !  look for a update
on this Thursday evening .There is no telling what this work will reveal . I am hoping
they will be able to get the trees off of the Tourmaline crystal areas too . Anyone
wanting to visit the Hogg mine to collect this weekend  ,  Please contact me in
advance to take care of payment and paperwork -phone xxxxxxxx  .Click the
following very long link to check out this  ad on ebay where a guy is selling Hogg
mine rose quartz. He tells about gaurds and shot gun blasts and howlings dogs !  
He's singin' it like it used to be . It was all true ( kinda) ...........but that is in the past .
Now , if ya gots thirtyfive bucks , you can fill a five gallon bucket slap full of this  
STAR ROSE QUARTZ , without havin' to run from " Ol' Blue " or getting blasted with
rocksalt   Note : origianally the following ad says the hogg mine was closed .  Now ,
the ad says that  one person reported the mine to be open , but that had not been
verified ..
I have all kinds of nice things myself on sale on ebay , including a awesome piece
of star rose quartz and I am starting the bidding off at one lowly U.S. Dollar .  That's
right , bidding starts at just one lousy buck . I'll be adding all types of Georgia
specimens later this afternoon too ! Check out my ebay store here :   
Last weekend , the Hogg mine was visited by "Read Miner" from Columbia , South
Carolina . He couldn't stand it , he just had to make the long return trip to get more
tourmaline crystals! . Visitors to teh Hogg also included Mark and Lisa smereczniak
who came down to see me again from Virginia , along with their nephews from
Pennsylvania. They told me they had a blast during their visit here .   Jerry Sluder ,
of Cartersville, Ga.  , along with Tim Nix of Macon , and several other of their friends
, visited Jackson's Crossroads to collect amethyst .  Jeff Francis also made a return
trip .  From what I hear they did well and found some really good amethyst.   last but
not least , Jeff Deere and Don Henderson visited my Lagrange clear quartz site  
last weekend as well. They did extremely well and Jeff tells me he will be posting a
report soon . I'll  post a link to this report as soon as it comes in .   I may have a
machine dig at the hogg mine August 13 . This is a tentative date .  At the machine
digs I use a big 15,000 pound backhoe or various size trackhoes , but in this case it
will probably be a 17,000 pound trackhoe. No one is allowed in the hole , but I dump
gem and crystal bearing  material for the participants  .  More about this later  !   A
huge chunk of aquamarine was found earlier in the week at the hogg mine.  
Hogg Mine Star Rose Quartz
Beverly's Aquamarine
I smote it with a 3 pound hammer !
Subsequently reducing it on down to
size , and picking out the water clear  
gemmy ( and very blue ! ) facetable
post office now to send the material
out to the cutter .
NEW ! Diamond Hill quartz prospect  in
An treville , South Carolina . This
collecting area  features plentiful
smokey quartz crystals , skeletal quartz
, and the rare and elusive AMETHYST
NEW ! Diamond Hill quartz prospect  
are by Michelle Matthews and depict
specimens that she personally found
on our collecting trip. She found a very
on our collecting trip. She found a very
rare facet grade amethyst , rare in the
rare facet grade amethyst , rare in the
fact that the faces are very shiney and
fact that the faces are very shiney and
the crystal is mostly facet grade.    Also
the crystal is mostly facet grade.    Also
pictured is a quartz crystal cluster with
pictured is a quartz crystal cluster with
a patina of iron oxide coating  ( click to
enlarge photo ).  
Crossroads pay to dig amethyst crystal
mine and Hogg mine Beryl , star rose
quartz and Tourmaline , and various
other rockhound collecting areas ,
Updated August 03 , 2005 .
Most all of the crystals in the skeletal and amethyst pit have a pleaseing yellow or black coating , often with neat globular manganese.  First time
visitors  with no collecting experiance, even novice collectors will do well here . For 15 measly bucks you'll have a good time for sure .  I'll have the new
Diamond Hill page added to the site soon ?  Call now to book your appointment :  xxxxxxxx .  

Aquamarine crystals hit Friday July 22 in virgin area of Hogg mine by Jeff Deere and Bob Madden, report on this to follow : Jeff Deere says that one 9
inch long crystal was hit . It was badly fractured and looked like a dinosour backbone sticking up out of the clay because of the segments. This fell
apart on extraction . Beside that was a real hard solid aquamarine.   Jeff says this only had one or two crystal faces  and the rest of the crystal was just
a mass.              I'll do more digging in this area later with a machine and we'll see what turns up . It looks like for now , the best area to look for aqua
crystals is in the large dumps .  Featured below is a amethyst crystal cluster from Jackson's Crossroads in the new area that I purchased in joint
partnership with Terry Ledford. This is a large dark purple double terminated crystal surrounded by  two large and four small double terminated that
we could keep on rocking ! We have this specimen for sale at a firm $4,000.00 . Interested parties should email me . I'll be posting new items on ebay  in the afternoon , and one of the items will be a flat of crystals from the July 4 weekend , 70 crystals at a starting
bid of $325
Mark and Jeff's finds
Fred's killer aquamarine
jacksons crossroads amethyst dug  2005
Don't forget , call ahead if you want to visit the hogg mine this
Friday or Saturday .  I may go out there with a tractor and move
some fresh dirt from the huge tailings pile that has given up
good for collecting amethyst crystals . And of course , all y'all
economy minded folks should consider checking out the
lagrange quartz site  , at a measly $15 a day it is a great deal .
Here is a link to a pdf file concerning the Hogg mine , you can
download the file and then print out to show a friend or to take
to your club meeting , you may also want to include it in your
club newsletter, the pdf file format means it is ready made for
this :     The  site has  
undergone a major update . New Hogg mine page added , new
photo gallery added , plus a pdf file that you can download and
print out to take to your club meeting that tells about the Hogg
mine.  Also added was a pdf file to download the release form .
Coming in a few days will be a special flash player introduction
to the Hogg mine .  Don't forget , add this page to your
favorites and pass a link to your friends .
40 adults and a bunch of children attended the grand opening at the Hogg Mine . Everyone loaded up on lots of star rose quartz . We even took a
machine and dug up fresh tourmaline as the folks went thru the tailings . Lots of good shiney tourmaline found and some quite big!
David Blount brought his friends Mark and Jeff and some other guy . They raked the huge tailings wall and discovered these green  beryl crystals.  
About 2 p.m. it poured rain for 30 minutes , just after the rain , Fred Boyd from the Augusta gem and mineral club found this killer Aquamarine crystal -
complete and perfect . And in the same spot a few mintues later , Beverly Sapp from the Carrollton club  found this large aquamarine crystal , nearly as
big as a coke can ! Helen , the lady that does my website  attended and had a blast . She found aquamarine too ! She'll
be updating the dot net site soon with good pictures of the festivities . After all the digging and rain and more rain to come ,seems like every afternoon ,
be sure to book a appointment to visit the Hogg mine  on Fridays and Saturdays only . $35 per person and I must have the signed release form in my
hands before you can go out there. I now have a fax machine, so this will speed things up .  Often folks call at the last minute wanting to go . Be
prepared to fax a copy ( by going to office max or the UPS store if you have to )  of the release , or mail the release in adequate time . Kim cohcran and
Harry Hyaduck came to the Hogg , and then visited my nearby crystal site  . They were only out there a hour becuase of the mid day heat , but when
they came back from that short trip their buckets had the bottoms covered with crystals. Kim found a super nice big shiney  quartz crystal that was 1 1/2
" in diameter and four or five inches long !  This location can be visited any time during the week as long as I get the release form and payment in
advance. At only 15 lousy bucks a day , it is a bargain .     Special thanks to Bill and Sherry Mitcham for helping with the courtesy tent .   Ron and
Nancey Seavers from Augusta visited as well as Jeff Deere ,  Doctor Bob Madden , Don Henderson , Billy Eidson , Carl Lewis , Monte Mcgee, Tim and
Jorie Billingsley,Herb Whittinger,Read Miner ( who found some killer big tourmalines ! ) , Jim Nix and Tuell and Tom Batcha from Macon , J. Don Aldrige
and his wife Marie ,  and a whole lot of other folks , Thank You for your support !    Please remember that I every few days I put new JXR amethyst
crystals and Hogg mine star  rose quartz up for bid on ebay , check it out :
See that fresh dug Georgia amethyst crystal that still
has pocket clay on it ?
That is one I dug in  August, 2005!