Breaking news for Jackson's Crossroads pay to dig amethyst crystal mine , Hogg Mine ,
Diamond hill , and Lagrange clear crystal mine , Updated Aug . 14 ,2005 .  Check back
around 2 p.m. Eastern time for a photo update concerning the yesterdays machine dig.
We found some killer tourmalines .  We hit some deep pink super gemmy rose quartz (
plus some pink c;ear facet grade ) .   Lastly , we broke into a section along the core with
big aquamarine crystals . Super big and super blue !        Aug.12 saw the delivery of the  
powerfull 4x4 turbo - powered 15,500 pound backhoe , a lb75.b NEW HOLLAND .  I went
Aug. 12 and dug up some nice tourmaline . Every time that cruel sun would beam down
on me , I'd just shake it off, hunker down , AND KEEP DIGGING !  I'm too tired to upload the
photo's , but weren't too tired to pay the rent : I listed some of the nice tourmalines that I
dug Aug 12 , on ebay , click here to see just one :
K%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1  Click "view sellers other items " to see the other 2 that I listed--
yes , I dug these TODAY . Things are looking good for tomorrows machine dig , call me at
yyyyyyy if you wanna join in the merriment .    Be sure to bookmark this website ( add to
favorites) .   Are you wanting to buy super luscious gemmy star rose quartz ?  Or maybe
your just looking for bright shiny graves mountain rutile crystals to give that special
someone as a gift .  No need to look any further than my eBay store , where the shelves
are stocked replendent with the Southeast's greatest mineral treasures . This week I am
running ninetynine cent specials . That's right , bidding starts at just 99 cents for rutile ,
rose quartz cabbing rough and more .  If you think  this sounds interesting , check it out
by clicking the following link :   Don't forget ,
Machine dig at the Hogg mine Saturday , Aug. 13 . Call 404-975-8005 to sign up .  So far
only a few folks have signed up so it should not be crowded.  Remember, just 2 miles
away is my lagrange quartz crystal prospect  , read all about it :    Jeff " Jeffadillo "  Deere
& Don  Henderson visited the Lagrange  clear crystal site .Click the following link to view
the report :    Major tourmaline find ( today
Aug. 06 ) by David B. and JEFF at the Hogg mine, Huge boulder with big tourmalines. Jeff
( I don't know his last name , but he got mad when I called him MARK ) was digging at the
Hogg at the area where folks love to go dig the Tourmaline crystals in a virgin area that is
really shallow.  He found a rock , that proved to be bigger and bigger the more he dug .
Before long the quartz matrix encasing tourmaline crystals was exposed . It was about
the size of a basketball .    Take a closer look at the tourmaline on top right of this page (
click to enlarge). Big tourmalines about half dollar size in diameter . Folks , this was dug
by hand in a virgin area ! don't hesitate to call me at zzzzzzz to arrange a visit  where you
can collect star rose quartz , tourmaline , and if your lucky , beryl !  If you have never dug
in a huge exposed pegmatite , maybe it is about time you gave it a try ? I ain't talking
about dumps , but good old unexplored virgin ground .   For all you tailings pile lovers ,
we got ya covered , with huge mounds of unsearched dumps . We're cutting into them
deep every week , making fresh dirt  available .
I went to the Hogg mine today ( old ,
August 05 ) . I found lots of small chips
of beryl and a few small Aquamarine
crystals .  I found plenty of good
gemmy star rose quartz too . What I
found that I liked best today was the
nice thumbsized Tourmaline crystals.
In the background while I was digging  ,
the ground shook when the big skidder
came by with a load of trees.
Since the area is being logged , there are lots of exposed ground - but it was pretty
dusty today.  lots of rocks , but you can't tell what is what . I suppose that come the
next rain , things will be looking pretty nice !  Call me at vvvvvvv to set up your
collecting trip at the Hogg . Remember , book mark this page ( add to your favorites ) ,
and , tell a freind !  I will be taking a machine out there on Aug. 13 .  Anyone that wants
to participate should call . The price is $65 for the one day .  With this deal you get to
stay up top and go thru the material that the machine brings up .  We will start with
them good tourmalines.  Next we will go to the old quartz stock pile. This old quartz pile
had 40 year old trees growing up in it, but these are being harvested Aug. 05 .  I'll take
the machine and dig thru the pile . I am pretty sure that there is great rose quartz at
the bottom of the pile where no one could get to . Next ( as if that were not enough) ,
we'll go to the old dumps and shake out some scoops for folks to go thru .  
Then....................we'll boogy on down to the main pit  , where I'll rake and shake on
that old rose quartz core , then dig along side of it in search for Beryl !
September 15 , 2010