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 Breaking News for Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst crystal pay to dig fee mine , Hogg Mine star rose quartz, tourmaline , Aquamarine , and the
Lagrange Clear Crystal mine ( all in Georgia ) and the Diamond Hill quartz prospect and the STONE TEMPLE MINE both in Antreville , South Carolina
,  April 11, 2006   from ATLANTA , Georgia. Wondering where to dig for crystals ? We have just the thing !  First time visitors are encouraged to add
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QUESTIONS , so please check out the new QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS page before emailing or calling.     Check out the last dig fieldtrip report at
this link      More news coming soon , includiing a blockbuster announcement as soon as I can tie
up the looose ends ! Exclusive breaking news !  
The image appearing below is a copyrighted image -- copyrighted by Rocks and minerals -
and should not be copied or reproduced without their permission . This image along with a license to use it for marketing purposes
has been granted to me by R&M magazines. I am pleased to announce that the next Issue of Rocks and Minerals  MAGAZINEwill feature
an article by Professors Barwood and Cook about the Hogg Mine.
The first page of the article
features a scan of and old
Georgia Mineral Newsletter that
shows a toddler standing next to a
huge Beryl crystal from the Hogg
mine . The article is packed with
numerous photo's  that I provided
, either ones taken by me or
Michelle Matthews or J . Don
This magazine has heavy glossy
paper stock and vivid pictures-----
and the Dixie U crew is proud to
have played a part in this issue.  If
you are interested in this location
then you will want this historically
important issue .
" I did some digging today.................".  Y'all regular breaking news readers know that when an introduction
here  starts off like that , it's normally to announce breaching a significant pocket. It's always a similiar
situation , and the same old regular faces , but oft in varied and  diverse locations ! True to the theme , I'd
like to show a quick picture of one of the many quartz crystals I found in a big pocket that I broke into
Monday , April 03 , 2006  in Carrollton ,  Georgia ( Bay Springs )
Carroll County , Georgia : Tessin Habit quartz crystal !
These are remarkable tapered "TESSIN HABIT" quartz
crystals. Possessing a high lustre , these tapered prisms
often have included red rutile needles and sometimes
pyrite and mica crystals. This one shows indentations of
relic pyrite cubes that have weathered away leaving
square marks on the crystal face.
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Stone Temple Mine, Antreville, South Carolina
 Here's  just one of the killer smoky quartz crystals that I dug up the other
week at the all new Stone Temple mine . It's big , damage free , and ultra
brightly faced with a dark coffee color : Closer inspection reveals that the
crystal is filled with gaps and voids . Some are liquid filled and have movable
air bubbles . Some have liquid , a movable bubble , and  white clay ! This is
referred to as a three phase inclusion as it has a liquid , a gas , and a solid
as inclusions.
close up of enhydro buble and clay inclusion
In other news , I put a hot video up on the
companion dot net site . It's a five minute video of
me digging big beryl cr
ystals at the Hogg . It's an
18 mb file that takes 3 minutes to download if you
have cable , dsl , or otherwise fast connection . in
that case just go right ahead and click away. If
you have crappy dial-up , your looking at up to 2
hours to load , so , here's what to do :  Right click
on the link and then select " save target as " .   
This will save the video to your computer in the "
my documents " area ( maybe in "my videos" or
the windows media player library ) .    For all y'all
that love to love me , your gonna love it !  For
those that love to hate me , uh , you ain't gonna
like the video !  Here's the link , blast away :   
Special thanks to my Information Technologies
Specialist " Helen "  for getting the ones & zeros
lined up .

New t-shirt designsI'll have the new
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North Carolina  but in other
Southeastern states as well. If you see
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what's coming don't cha ?    Dixie
Euhedrals rocks the South !  Pass a
link to this website along to your
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across the web .
 Have officially leased and opened "
Hall's Farm " in Antreville , South
Carolina .   It is a well known old
amethyst crystal producing site located
3 miles from Diamonnd hill and Stone
temple.  I took the machine out there
today at 3:oo p.m. and dug for one
hour , here is the one killer crystal I
found when I stepped off the machine
and walked the dump pile .  It's a killer
with excellant deep color and a
flawless facet grade area
hall farm amethyst
 I am scheduling a machine dig for Saturday of next week , April 8 .  I will be
digging a 3 foot wide x 3 foot deep ' GRID ' of trenches and I will let
everyone follow  15 foot behind the machine and work the tailings piles and
get in the trenches and dig.
I plan to run the machine for about three hours and I will not restrict any
area , it will be fair game for everyone to dig the trenches. This site has
historically been a big producer of amethyst and my one hour test went well
, however , there are no gaurantees and with out a doubt , some folks ain't
gonna find nothing .  haveing said that , if you got $20 you can come on out
and try your luck .

That's right , 20 lousy bucks and you will have a fair chance at finding a
killer crystal.   I want to be very clear in that there may be  a lot found or
hardly any .  I sure don't want to hear no grumbling about twenty damn
dollars , 'cause the land owner will get the lion's share and I have to buy
diesel fuel and make one healthy monthly payment on the machine !  More
details coming soon .

I have just done some work at Diamond hill with my 15,000 pound turbo
driven 4wd backhoe . I busted off right down into the smoky pit and carted
out material , and then dug amongst the bottom .   I left a good raw face of
virgin rock in two areas.     
And of course , them killer new Stone temple pictures coming as soon as I
get a chance to take pictures and post to web .      
I have several new locations coming up soon , so if you like to dig rocks ,
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Last Saturday I did some digging at the Hogg mine. Here is a picture of one of the big  Beryl crystals ( photo by J. Don Aldridge )   As you can tell by
the quarter in the picture used as a size reference , this is a BIG beryl crystal , about a foot long and 8 inches wide ! As shown in the photo , this one
rests " In Situ" in the quartz core at the feldspar/kaolin contact. The crystals that penetrate and are enclosed by quartz are protected in varying
degrees from weathering and some are good hard crystals. Most of the crystals that are in the snow white feldspar/kaolin are mostly fractured and
crumbly. I just plow thru the beryl that is in the earth looking for the good ones in the quartz. I raked thru thousands of aquamarine/ beryl crystals the
other weekend .  Now , out of the thousands , there is a good many that are good crystals that are in the dump pile! There is a few in the quartz
boulders too , that I just outright missed . Call to book your trip to the Hogg mine ( 404-975-8005 ) as the chance to collect beryl in white , blue and
aquamarine is especially good right now . There is even a virgin area to collect them in the pegmatite contact !  Check out the JXR fieldtrip report at
the following link , the better specimen pictures are on pages 2 and 3 :     A word on the naming of
mines and prospects , digging sites , etc. , : Generally , mines are named formally by a person that starts the mine …………………this is usually the
case out west , where more mineral prospects are claimed and opened . They are usually not named after a person ( except for famous Indians such  
as "Geronimo" or "Red Cloud " ) but are named anything from "16:1", "Eureka" , "Last Chance " , e.t.c.   Here in the Southeast , mines or prospects
are named after the fellow that owns the land ( usually a farm ) . Historically these are listed , for example , as “ chochran prospect “ or “Ivey farm” , or
“ Dolly Cherry property “ . It was not unusuall for a miner out West to buy a claim with an existing name and re-name it something else entirely ,
example : “ barking spider “ , just to spite the former owner ! Since I have dug in many places and have many places that I have re-opened , if only
briefly , I thought it prudent to re-name the recent property that I have in Antreville  to avoid confusion as to localities. Thusly , the new Stone Temple
mine ! Old specimens from many years back list the locale as “ NANCE FARM “ , which was purchased by Nellie Jones . Newer specimens bear the
label “ Jones property “ , which is now to be known as the Stone Temple mine . The former owner had dug some remarkable smoky and amethystine
quartz crystals with her husband using a small backhoe. It came to pass that her daughter was building a house so they moved the backhoe to the
construction site . Subsequently , Nellie’s husband fell ill and they never was able to return to dig . The last time the property was dug was about 8
years ago . I expect to find some good stuff but there is no gaurantees. “ Ancient and Mysterious “ machine dig this March 25/26 . $60 for Saturday
and $40 for Sunday to go thru the tailings piles . This is purely speculative and I have no idea what may be found . Maybe a lot , MAYBE NOTHING .
You may pay $60 for plain old red dirt , so consider this before coming out to dig . This event is by invitation or approval . If you want to attend this
event , call me and we’ll discuss it . 404-975-8005. Folks can visit the place after the dig for $15 . It is a couple of miles by car and a mile as they crow
flies from Diamond Hill . The material is markedly different from Diamond hill and some occurs on a Jackson’s crossroads type druse lined matrix .
The property is comprised of 6 acres . I know of the one area that has crystals and I do not know about the rest of the property .  I am going to put  2  
two acre tracts up for sale at $9500.00 per tract   ( $4750.00  PER ACRE ) and retain the other two acres . The tracts may or may not have good
crystals on them . If I test and find material then the price will most lilely go up . If someone approaches me tomorrow with cash in hand then I will sell
the tracts as is and untested , not knowing if I am passing up on something good .    In other news jorie Billingsley emailed me the following pertaining
to the theft of specimens in Villa Rica , Georgia : Carl lewis had 2 big quertz crystal stolen form his van  , one 23 pounds and the other 25 pounds .  
Stone Temple " Ancient & Mysterious " dig coming soon```` March 25/26 . Check back later today for the scoop on the story of this locale . I will be
doing some digging next wed at jxr and then loading the  15, 000 pound New Holland lb75.b  turbo-charged 4wd backhoe up and sending it to
Antreville area . MORE INFORMATION LATER TODAY . I have put some more killer items in my ebay store :  Click this link : www.stores.ebay.
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Crossroads amethyst faceting rough and more !
Hogg mine beryl
stone temple smoky quartz
Click photo's below to enlarge.
Time is running out for folks to call and make your reservations at the Latimer inn . I spoke with the owner today and he says that 4 out of 24 rooms
are already taken , When you call  be sure to mention " Rodney Moore's Event " to recieve a special group rate of $41 for a  single and $46 for  2
beds . Again I would like to emphasize that "this place is a nice and clean place to stay . It has a nice " fishing lodge " type lobby with tables , chairs ,
couches , T.V . etc , along with drinks ( coke and beer ! ) in the fridgerator  and includes breakfast .  Be sure to call now so you won't get stuck in
the roach motel !  I may allow camping on my property for $3 a person  for all you " Ballers on a budget " . All y'all that plan on being in on the March
25 / 26  " A&M" dig , should serious consider making reservations at The Latimer Inn . This is a real nice bed and breakfast that is located in
Calhoun Falls , South Carolina .  It  is not too far from my new property and is about 8 miles from Diamond Hill and 20 miles from Due West . It has
nice clean rooms and it's best feature is the lobby , which is set up like a hunting or fishing resort . Since  a group is scheduled to  be out at Due
West that weekend , lodging may be tight . The town of Abbeville does not offer much in the way in places to stay. The Latimer Inn website with good
pictures , here  ;   I recomend calling as soon as possible : The Latimer Inn , Your Hosts: David and Rhonda McDougall
1378 Scenic Hwy. 81 North, Calhoun Falls, SC 29628 Phone: (864) 391-2747 I have named the March 25 / 26 smokey
quartz crystal dig " Ancient and Mysterious " . I usually code name upcoming digs if they seem very promising and significant .  The upcoming " A &
M " dig should be interesting at the very least .  I will make an announcement concerning this dig on March 10 at 2:00 p.m.  You can see more and
better  specimen pix from this locale at the following lynx :
PROPERTIES !! If you have a crystal
bearing property , give me a call . If
your wanting to buy mineral bearing
properties , or potentially mineral
bearing properties ,  give me a call.  I
AM READY TO DEAL ! 404-   Machine
dig at the lagrange Clear cry stal mine
, March 11 , $50 per person .  This
place is so rich with nice quartz
crystals, it's a can't lose deal . I don't
care if you are half-blind and three
quarters crazy you can still do good at
this spot !  If you have been , like,
REALLY wanting to dig some crystals,
well , I can hook you up ! Collecting
conditions at jxr  ( Jackson's
crossroads amethyst crystals ) for
amethyst crystals is very good.