April 25, 2015    Documenting an Amethyst crystal
occurence in Ogelthorpe County, Georgia. This is the first
time machinery has dug for amethyst crystals at this site -
March, 2015.     This site is different from the six s's site
and is a few miles away.

I was asked to bring my machine out and run it with a group
of people to dig for amethyst crystals.   This is private
property that is not open to the public and the land owner
does not welcome visits. Every member of the team (myself
included, of course) had to agree not to disclose the
location details.
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The crystals shown are freshly dug and still have dirt on them. They also
have a hematite coating with an iridescent rainbow of color! The photo
above right shows the crystals in-situ in the saprolite matrix.
Don Brockway & Dave Smith are shown digging the crystals out of the vein with special
custom blacksmith-forged 'Arkansas Bars'.   This is a 'straight line vein' but as shown with the
green highlighted path, the vein deviated. This was most likely due to the vein filling a fault or
crack in the host rock when the crystals were first formed. This whole mass used to be solid
granite but over millions of years has decayed into what is called "Saprolite".
The crystal below  has a 360 degree
three dimensional phantom inside it!
The digging group consisted of Chester Karwoski, Myself (Rodney Moore), Donald Brockway, David
Smith, Lisa Krause, Jeffrey Lennox, Tim Rawlings and Miss Katelyn Moore.
The machine used to dig with was my backhoe, A New Holland LB75.B that weighs 15,000 pounds.
Just fun stuff from digging.
So Zef.   :)
Above is Jeffrey Lennox
& Donald Brockway
Above is Tim Rawlings
& David Smith
Above is Lisa Krause looking VERY happy
Above is Chester Karwoski, Don,
Rodney, Lisa, & Dave
Sometimes I bring my Coleman propane camp stove
out to the digs and make grilled cheese sandwich's .  
Sometimes I go all out  and also have eggs and
bacon. In the winter time I bring a coffee perk kettle.
Georgia has many counties that have amethyst crystal
deposits.    This project was in Ogelthorpe
county,Georgia.    There are many places in Ogelthorpe
County that have amethyst crystals & the quality of these
crystals vary greatly from location to location.   At this
particular spot we found a few nice whole and complete
crystals.   Most of the crystals didn't completely form due
to a lack of space in the vein. The exterior of the crystals
are very bright and shiny and many have a nice thin and
colorful iridescent hematite coating on the outer surface.  
The interior of most crystals had good clarity with a light
purple color. Some crystals had a very good medium to
dark color amethyst.  Most of the crystals were bi-color,
having both  amethyst and smoky zones.  In addition to
specimens, some facetable material was found.
This crystal was found by Lisa Krause.
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